New Year's Resolutions for Every Lash Technician

  Lose Weight. Read More. Get Better Grades. Eat Healthier. Exercise. There’s a standard list of potential New Year’s Resolutions from which everyone can choose. That doesn’t mean they’re bad! It’s just that generalized, big picture goals about which you are not passionate aren’t always the best way to go. If it’s true that most resolutions are abandoned by February then maybe you should wait on that fitness pass to the shiny new gym in town. Resolutions can be an amazing way to improve, grow, and stretch as a lash technician, as long as you choose small, achievable goals which...

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6 Ways to Prep YOUR Salon or Studio for the Holidays

  They’re here! The crazy days of the holiday are before us. Long hours hunting for perfect gifts, getting ready for parties, and lots of activities with family and friends. Everyone is busier, and your eyelash extensions business will be no exception. You will probably have your regular customers booking earlier or more frequent appointments to ensure that they’re looking their best for the holidays, or new clients just looking for an extra boost for that important Christmas event or to avoid makeup on Christmas morning. Your eyelash extension business can absolutely thrive during the holiday season, as long as...

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Curing: Every Eyelash Extensionist's New Best Friend

Why do we need to cure eyelash extensions?  How does it work?   The adhesives used in the practice of eyelash extensions are sometimes referred to as “glue.” This is a bit misleading because we aren’t actually using glue to adhere the extensions; we are using cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are technically considered ACRYLIC RESINS. Acrylic resins do not dry; they CURE in the presence of hydrogen (hydrogen is in water, H20). Through introducing a micro-mist of hydrogen to the adhesive, we are able to activate the curing process immediately after the extensions are applied. Instead of requiring our clients to...

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