Let's Talk Application Tools! March 28, 2018 10:30

Most of the time when we are writing blog posts, we tend to talk more about the technical tools, like the nano-mister or special volume tweezers.  Today we want to show the disposable tools some love!  Application tools are so important because they are what we often use to prep our clients' lashes before we apply eyelash extensions.  In my opinion, prep is one of the most, if not THE MOST  important step to achieving amazing retention.  

In the future, I plan to do a more in-depth post spotlighting my favorite products to use for lash prepping, as well as teaching which products to use for each individual client, so stay tuned!  For today I just want to do a basic overview to spotlight some of my favorite disposable tools!  



             I know these don't seem like a big deal, but the lint-free applicator wands are one of my FAVORITE products.  I like to use them to apply the Blink Cleansing Foam.  The reason I prefer these wands is that they have tiny lint free fibers that clean between the lashes.  These, combined with the cleansing foam will clean even the most extreme eye makeup residue.  (Ps.  you can up-charge for this cleansing service if your clients fail to come in with clean lashes).  After the cleansing foam is applied, use the applicator wands to work it into the lashes.  After this step, simply rinse the foam using saline solution.  Seriously, if you haven't been using these, they are a game changer.  Lint-free applicators are the perfect product to add to your eyelash extension supplies!



               If you have been doing eyelash extensions for a while, you have probably noticed you go through A LOT of mascara wands.  I like to use a mascara wand to comb through the lashes throughout the lash extension service (another option for this is the comb brush).  I do this to make sure the lashes are even and uniform.  I also like to use a mascara wand to apply sealant (black diamond, crystal drop, or beaute rrior) at the end of the service.  Just make sure you use a clean wand, only dip it in the sealant once, and use that product for both eyes (for sanitary reasons).  I send each of my clients home with a fresh mascara wand at the end of the service.  We are now selling the lash wands in packs of 50 in order to offer the best prices possible.  We also got new colors for the lash wands; light pink, magenta, blue, yellow, black, and white.  



I like to use glue rings because they keep the adhesive closer to you resulting in increased application speed.  These glue rings are made using a flexible plastic for comfort and are open ended in order to fit the majority of finger sizes.  Glue rings are a great addition to your lash supplies and they come in packs of 100.




             Last, but not least, our new lint-free hydro-gel patches.  I like to use these to hold down the lower lashes before applying lash extensions.  As I mentioned before these are lint-free and they contain ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin underneath the eyes.   The best thing about these gel patches is that we are able to offer them in packages of 50 at an extremely affordable price.  If you have been using tape to cut down on application costs, THESE are the gel patches you have been waiting for.  They are much more comfortable than using tape and they are only $16.99 for a package of 50 pairs of gel pads!  I like to use these in combination with the medical tape for each application!  

How to Build a Clientele for Your Eyelash Extension Business March 4, 2016 07:00


As eyelash extensions grow more popular, the pool of licensed estheticians and lash technicians grows ever-wider. More and more people are offering lash extensions every single day. How will you get people to try YOUR eyelash extensions? Potential clients might currently be loyal to a sub-standard technician, or interested in eyelash extensions but not sure where to look first. You want clients to find you and decide you’re worth booking. Some of these clients may prefer to bounce around - choosing cheap groupons, random referrals, or promotions to decide where they go next for their next set of eyelash extensions. Your goal is to get these clients to like you and your services enough to remain a loyal customer for months and years to come. But how?

Stop Trying to Be Everybody Else

It’s easy to look around and just copy what every other lash studio is doing - but you shouldn’t. You will get completely lost in the crowd. Instead, look for what makes you different from other lash studios. Diversifying yourself will make your business more visible, so clients will be more likely to find and choose you. Can you offer special products or flexible hours? Get certified in a new technique or learn how to do brow extensions! Training yourself in new beauty skills could set you apart from other lash technicians.

Be Flexible to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

To keep your clients coming back you need them to be happy. Consider your clients’ needs when it comes to your studio space, pricing, scheduling, and lifestyle. Ask for feedback from your current clients and try your best to accept constructive criticism. If there is anything you can do to improve or change your eyelash extension business to make your clients even happier - do it. Making a little change for a client will make them a client for life.

Get the Word Out!

You need to be discoverable in order to get and keep a clientele. Start small by advertising your business through free social media accounts and offering current clients a discount for referring others. Then turn to the internet. Google and Yelp should be your friends. Create a simple website or hire someone to make one for you. Investing some time in social media and your website will make it so people can find and follow you.

Quality is Everything

At the end of the day the very best thing you can do is offer the highest quality work available. Your clients will be so happy they’ll be sure to stay loyal to your studio. They will be more likely to recommend you to friends and family - and anyone else who notices their beautiful lashes. High quality lashes are the greatest way to build your clientele.

Eyebrow Extensions vs. 3D Eyebrow Sculpting February 29, 2016 07:00


The world of eyebrows has changed rapidly in the past 5 years. Overplucked, thin, pencil-drawn eyebrows are a thing of the past. People are welcoming thick, dark, arched brows with open arms. For those of us who are scared of the tweezers or the sting of waxing, this is great news. For others with naturally thin, light, or overplucked brows this can be a challenge. If you have tiny or blonde brows, how can you keep up with this trend? If you have follicle damage or hair loss in your eyebrows is there anything you can do? Are people really doing extensions for their eyebrows just like for their eyelashes? Thankfully you CAN keep up with this trend and achieve beautiful, natural looking eyebrows no matter your current natural brow situation. There are a few different options, but two of the newest and most easily confused are Eyebrow Extensions and 3D Eyebrow Sculpting.

Eyebrow Extensions are just that - extensions! Tiny hairs are stuck with glue to your eyebrow area for the appearance of fuller, darker, more arched brows, depending on your requests. The longest lasting eyebrow extensions are attached with a clear adhesive directly to your existing brow hairs. For those with no or few eyebrow hairs, eyebrow extensions can be attached to the skin to increase the width and volume of your eyebrows. These can last up to a week or longer, if you take good care of them. These make a particularly good choice for events such as weddings, holidays, or baby births. Clients should treat these eyebrow extensions as carefully as they would eyelash extensions. Avoid rubbing or tension on the brows. Keep the area clean and cared for.

3D Eyebrow Sculpting is a bit different. Sculpting involves careful consultation with the client to determine what their needs may be. Do they want thicker, longer brows? Do they need more of an arch? Do they want a darker, more dramatic color? Then once the goal shape has been discussed, the technician uses a combination of different gels, serums, and powders to create the brow look. Using thin flexible drawing tools, the technician will apply the gel & coloring to the brow area to achieve the client’s goals. The great thing about 3D Sculpting is that the coloring gel is semi-permanent, meaning it will last 2-3 weeks with proper care. This is a particularly useful service for people who struggle with bald or sparse spots - you can even 3D Sculpt beards and mustaches!

If you do not yet offer eyebrow extensions or 3D sculpting as part of your salon or studio services menu, you should consider getting trained on these services. Eyebrows are the next big thing in the world of esthetics and cosmetology - and you could be offering these new services before your competitors. If you are a licensed eyelash technician then you already have the skills and training necessary to succeed in eyebrow extension or 3D sculpting training. Adding these services to your salon or studio menu will make you a more competitive and progressive beauty business, as well as improving client satisfaction and retention.

Click here to shop for eyebrow extensions and 3D sculpting supplies

Why You Should Get a Nano-Mister February 26, 2016 07:00 1 Comment


As a lash technician your primary concern is giving your clients beautiful, full eyelash extensions in the most comfortable way possible. There are a lot of lash technicians out there, and some may charge less than you do. The way you will win and retain clients is by providing a higher quality service in the least invasive way. If you can provide the service efficiently and leave your client with a feeling of comfort and luxury it will pay off - big time. You have probably already done everything you can to make your studio or salon comfortable. Cushy recliners, inviting decor, aromatherapy, even amenities like drinks and magazines can go a long way in making your clients feel at home. It’s important for your clients to be able to easily tolerate an hours-long appointment, and even enjoy it! That’s how you retain clients over time. But regardless of these steps you’ve taken to keep your clients comfortable, and no matter how skilled of a lash technician you are, your clients can still experience discomfort and stinging due to lashes and the adhesive used.

The adhesive you use to attach lashes to a client’s eyes contains many chemicals which react with one another and the air to “cure” or to change forms from a liquid glue to a solid glue. When the glue is not fully cured it can cause stinging or burning sensations to the client, which is not desirable to say the least. Usually these sensations are not harmful or permanent, but they can still be problematic to a client who is unsure of their decision to get eyelash extensions, or clients with heightened eye sensitivity. The good news is that you can do something to prevent it!

Part of the curing process is the glue being exposed to air and the small amount of humidity in the environment. Sometimes the middle layers of lashes get exposed to less air than the outer edges and top layers, meaning they don’t cure at the same speeds. That’s why hours after an appointment a client can get random burning sensations when the uncured glue shifts, moves or is otherwise felt in their eye area. You counsel your clients to avoid large amounts of water after their appointments, but exposure to light amounts of humid water mist can speed up the curing process. That’s where a nano-mister comes in.

A nano-mister sprays tiny water droplets evenly onto the lashes to cure the glue and dry the lashes. It sounds like it would do the opposite - spraying water on the lashes sets the glue and makes them dry? But it does! A nano-mister sprays such a small amount of misted water that it can help the glue cure more evenly, especially in those middle layers of lashes, meaning it sets faster and is dry faster. Expert eyelash technicians suggest using a nano-mister throughout the appointment to cure lash adhesive faster and to prevent any burning or stinging sensations your client may experience.

Between careful technique (using the least amount of adhesive possible), comfortable seating, and using a nano-mister, you can keep your clients’ lashes full, beautiful and completely irritation free! When you provide eyelash extensions with no inconvenience or pain to the customer you will see your business thrive, not just survive. Check out a nano-mister for your studio today!

Eyelashes and Allergies February 22, 2016 07:00


Getting eyelash extensions can be intimidating to a lot of people. “You’re going to GLUE things to my EYE?” There’s something so vulnerable about laying in a chair with your eyes closed while a technician slowly sticks lashes a millimeter away from your eyelid. Yet the results are gorgeous! Eyelash extensions might sound a little scary or high-maintenance, but actually they are very simple, very safe and a very easy way to get some huge wow factor into your look (while actually making your daily routine faster and easier!). Eyelash extensions are great for anyone and everyone, even people with sparse or fine lashes. Whether you’re a beauty novice or an esthetics expert eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch for your look. Sure, it’s a process, but there’s nothing to be afraid of!

But what if eyelash extensions cause problems? Sometimes in the spring or fall people will report back to their lash technicians that they are allergic to the lashes or glue - they’re experiencing tenderness, irritation and/or swelling. That seems so scary and preventable, especially since most people assume it was the lashes or glue which caused the sensitivity. But actually that is almost never the case! Both the lashes and the glue used by any qualified technician have been carefully designed and tested by scientists and beauticians alike to ensure that even sensitive skin types will not be irritated or affected. Lash extensions and lash glue are comprised of chemicals, yes, but not any that would cause an allergic reaction.

If you are experiencing a sensitive reaction to eyelash extensions, the chances are you’re just actually suffering from seasonal allergies! In the fall many people become sensitive to ragweed, and in the spring it’s the blooming pollen in the air. Even if the symptoms seem directly tied to your eyelash extensions, it’s usually just a by-product of a compromised immune system. Your immune system is in overdrive, working incredibly hard to fight against sickness, weakness and the allergens in the air due to the season. You may experience puffiness, redness, irritation and sensitivity - but it isn’t your eyelash extensions - it’s your seasonal allergies!

So what can you do? The best way is to attack the cause - seasonal allergies. Take your preferred antihistamine, calm the irritated areas with cool water and cortisol creams, and avoid going outdoors if at all possible. Resist the urge to rub your eyes or pick at your lashes. This will only increase the sensitivity and may even cause irreparable damage to your extensions and natural lashes. Lay still with a cold washcloth over your eyes until the irritation subsides, or use a soothing, oil-free cream to calm angry eyelids. See your lash technician if you truly believe that the eyelashes or the way they’re adhered is a problem.

Basically what we’re saying is - you’re safe! Eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic, scientifically tested and very safe to be on and near your eyes. If you are experiencing irritation or allergy symptoms don’t panic! You aren’t going to lose your eyelids! You just need to pop a Benadryl, rinse your face and you will be fine. Your lashes will be too!

Keeping Clients Comfortable February 19, 2016 07:00


For women who get eyelash or brow extensions, those appointments are treasured time. They schedule regular appointments with you and rarely miss or go too long between fills because the service you’re providing them is important. They are willing to block out hours at a time to come see you, once a month or even more! Lash extensions are a priority to them, so it’s critical that as a lash technician you respect that and make your clients a priority. This means providing the best possible service and keeping your clients happy and comfortable. Comfort can be challenging, especially when you do volume lashes for three hours or more. Staying in one position for an extended amount of time is tricky to begin with, even more if you have to stay extra still for delicate work. Anything you can do to keep your clients more comfortable will be a worthy investment. You will retain happy clients, as well as attract clients who are looking for a more luxurious, comfortable experience with lash extensions.

Create a Welcoming Environment

How will new clients feel when they walk into your studio or salon? Try to look at it through fresh eyes. Tasteful, modern decorations show that you are artistic and conscious of style. Keep it simple, though. Too many decorations or interior design that is too new or too old can alienate some clients. Invest in good lighting and nice furniture, because these will be immediately noticed by your clientele. Clients want a clean, orderly feel to a studio or salon, so do whatever you can to make sure your environment is well cared-for and organized. Consider using a candle or aroma diffuser of some type to create an enticing smell. Finally, a good temperature can be easily overlooked, especially during times of extreme heat or cold. Ask your clients if they are comfortable with the temperature before you start a long extensions appointment.

Hospitality & Extras

A few simple extras can go a long way in making your clients feel comfortable in your lash studio. Offer a drink or a bowl of candy or mints while they wait. Provide a good mix of magazines or other reading material for waiting times or if she has a guest waiting for her. A cushy pillow and lush blanket at the eyelash station is a simple but nice touch to making your client feel at home during a long extensions appointment. Don’t forget to assess her comfort level throughout the appointment in case she needs to stretch, readjust, go to the bathroom or just walk around for a second. Even just the action of asking her will communicate that you care about her comfort, which will ensure long-term retention of clientele.

Eliminate Stress

Even long lash extension appointments can be serene if you take the necessary steps! If your clients are comfortable and calm, it can almost be a spa-like experience for them. First keep your space clean and minimal. Clutter makes people nervous and skeptical about your skill. Next, talk to them periodically throughout the appointment to let them know what you are doing. This really helps your client to feel comfortable under your hands and aware of any motions or tools you may be using. Using aromatherapy or calming white noise sounds can also contribute to creating a spa-like environment. Give your client the option of talking, listening to their own headphones, or even sleeping or resting quietly during the appointment at their leisure.

Following these simple steps will make your lash extension appointments something your clients look forward to, rather than anticipating with nervous discomfort. If your clients feel comfortable and serene you will retain and even gain clients better than you ever thought possible!

Three Reasons to Take Eyebrow Extensions Training February 15, 2016 07:00


At this point it’s safe to say that eyelash extensions are everywhere. They have saturated the beauty industry. Where they were once found only on wedding days, performing artists and high-maintenance celebrities - now they are on housewives and college girls everywhere. Eyelash technicians are getting trained and opening up shops right and left - and business is booming! Getting your eyelash extensions training was a really good idea. But what’s next?

Eyebrow Extensions. There are a few major reasons to get your Eyebrow Extension Training done NOW:

Hot New Trend!

If you have even one foot in the beauty world you know that brows have become the next big thing. Between shaping, waxing, tinting and lining - brows are the new focus. Having thick, bold brows is “the look” and most women are coming around to this new trend. Eyebrow extensions are about to take off in this beauty industry, just as eyelash extensions have in recent years. The 2000s saw many women over-plucking eyebrows - an unfortunate habit which lead to these sparse, skinny brows today. Some women struggle with hair loss due to age, cancer, alopecia or other conditions - thankfully extensions can help them too. All types of women will soon be looking for a solution to make their brows darker, thicker and more dramatic. And if you’re trained you could find yourself happily busy with new clientele.

Similar Skill Set

If you are already a certified lash technician you have all of the major skills needed to be a successful eyebrow extension specialist. You have a careful, steady hand. You understand the basic principles behind adhesives and how to attach extensions to skin or hair. You have salon/client conversation skills and know how to make others feel confident and comfortable. You’re good with tweezers and other small tools used in facial beauty procedures. You are detail oriented and know how to work quickly without making mistakes. Eyebrow extensions will take a little getting used to, as they are different than lashes. But overall if you are a successful lash technician, especially if you are comfortable making extension fans or volume lashes, then you’ll be a master at eyebrow extensions!


Eyebrow extensions can be a huge income boost for you. If you already have a salon, booth, or other facility for doing your lash extensions then you can begin doing eyebrows almost immediately. You’ll need to get the extensions, glue and a few other specialty tools, but for the most part you’ll be ready to begin. You can offer the service to your existing clients because they will be the most likely to be interested. That alone can increase your revenue. Then you can begin advertising and offering eyebrow extensions as a service - long before most lash technicians and salons offer them - which will make your work very in demand!

Don’t be the last person to jump on the eyebrow extensions bandwagon! Get trained now before it picks up so you can be the first one in your area to offer this amazing and popular service. Your clients - and wallet - will thank you!

Types of Eyelash Extensions February 12, 2016 07:00


If you’re in the market for long, beautiful eyelashes, then you’re not alone. Eyelash extensions are growing in popularity in the beauty industry - with good reason. Eyelash extensions mean you can have beautiful lashes without mascara, liner or makeup. It means you can look “done up” while doing absolutely nothing. It means no running mascara, no smudged liner and no flaking shadow. You can look gorgeous and put together on the beach, at the gym and when you first wake up in the morning. Lash extensions truly are a miracle service for most women. Hence the popularity!

There are many different types of eyelash extensions, however. There are a variety of options which might suit your needs.

Temporary Strips - These are popular for people who like to dress up for events. These are great for costumes, dances, competitions, weddings, parties or any other special occasion for which you want to look extra pretty. They are relatively easy to apply, although they can sometimes dislodge or slide around. And, of course, they are only temporary. Some women buy a few strips and reapply them daily, taking them off at night and sticking them back on in the morning - then throwing them away when they show too much wear.

Single “Falsies” - Just one step up from lash strips, these are individual lashes applied with a temporary glue, usually done at home. You add a few here and there to add length and volume without the upkeep and cost of full lash extensions. They can, however, damage your lashes if not properly applied.

Synthetic Lashes - These lashes are acrylic, shiny and sturdy. They are used by a lash technician to make the fullest, most dramatic sets of lashes. They also are the least likely to cause any kind of allergic reaction or irritation to your eyes. They are heavier and more durable than other types of lashes, so they are best applied to a full, healthy set of lashes. Because of their weight they can damage real lashes if improperly applied or worn over a long period of time.

Silk Lashes - Silk lashes are lighter and softer, so they lend a more natural look to your lash extensions. Because they are lighter they tend to be better if your lashes are fine or thin. Silk lashes are longer lasting than synthetic, but are more flexible and mobile than synthetic.

Mink/Faux-Mink Lashes - These are the most luxurious and most expensive types of lashes. Mink fur or the man-made fiber alternative is the lightest, softest and glossiest option. They last a very long time and even adhere closer to your natural lashes than any other type. Even a full set looks natural, so if you want a dark and dramatic look then synthetics might be best for you. But like silk, mink lashes are very soft and fluffy. The only drawback is that they lose their curl when wet, so curling might be necessary. These appointments usually take longer as more lashes are required and they are more difficult to adhere, and more expensive as the material is pricier.

Talk to a salon or lash technician about the types of lashes they prefer and what would be best for your look and budget. There are plenty of options and you should be able to find the perfect fit for your beauty routine.

What to Look for in a Lash Studio February 8, 2016 07:00


Lash extensions are becoming ever more popular - and for good reason! They’re an easy way to look and feel beautiful, without adding hours to your daily beauty routine. They mean less makeup, less maintenance and more fun! Whether you decide to try them for a special event or you’re ready to commit long term, you’re going to need to find a good lash technician or lash studio. Lashes can be pricey and finding a place you like is incredibly important.

All service/beauty industry relationships are a little different than other types of business. This gets personal. There’s an intimacy in these relationships that you just don’t find in other businesses, even within the service industry. In the beauty/care industry you are trusting someone with your SELF. Your insecurities, your most vulnerable parts… you’re usually there to try to cover up or improve them! It can be a little nerve-wracking to trust this with another person. You don’t want that person to feel like a stranger. You want to feel comfort, trust and even a little bit of love. Additionally, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time once or twice a month with this person, and even if they prefer headphones or silence - you’ll want to be comfortable in their hands. Finally, lashes can be expensive but worth it - as long as the work is of high quality. When you’re paying money for someone to be near your eyes with pokey lashes and sharp tweezers you definitely want someone who is a professional.

So how do you get started? It may be time-consuming and even awkward at times, but finding the right technician or salon is worth it.

Determine your needs - do you want regular lashes? How frequently can you get fills? Do you wear a lot of makeup or none at all? What is your budget for lash extensions? Do you want natural or dramatic lashes? You may need to do some internet research or ask around to get a feel of what your options may be.

Create a short list - Personal referrals are always the best way to find someone reputable. Ask your friends and family where they get lash extensions or if they know someone who is a certified lash technician. Make sure you check out their websites or Instagram pages if they have them, and don’t forget to look on Yelp or Google reviews.

Consultations - Most technicians will do a free, short consultation with you if you’re looking for a new studio or salon. Think of it as a risk-free first date! You can meet them and see if you like them, ask them questions about the pricing, policies and preferences. Don’t be afraid to come in with a list of questions and take notes. If it feels right - book! If not then you should keep looking. There are plenty of good lash technicians, so you can definitely find one who suits your needs.

Don’t choose a lash technician or salon simply based on their prices or their location - there’s so much more to it than that! Your lash extensions mean money, time and a relationship with your lash technician. It’s worth it to take the extra time and research to find someone with whom you can build trust, rapport and a great business relationship. And if you find yourself seeing a lash technician that doesn’t meet these guidelines you CAN find a new one. Don’t settle for less. Find a lash technician or salon that makes you feel beautiful, inside and out!

Caring for Eyelash Extensions February 5, 2016 07:00


Eyelash extensions are actually very simple to care for - and taking good care of them means they will last even longer for you. You don’t need any extreme products or hours of routine each week to keep them fresh and taken care of. You have spent a lot of money on these beautiful lashes so of course you want to keep them fresh, clean and in perfect order.

First - Protect Brand New Lashes! Go in for your appointment with clean lashes and eyes to ensure that glue will adhere correctly. New lashes still dry and cure for up to 24 hours after application, so be very careful with them. Try your hardest not to touch or manipulate them. Direct water can damage the fresh glue as well, so try to avoid the shower stream on your face as much as possible. Use a spoolie brush to keep lashes straight and don’t try to pull them out or tug them around if they appear crooked.

Second - Be Gentle! Pay closer attention to everything that touches your face and you’ll be surprised to see just how much damage your lashes take day in and day out. Avoid rubbing your eyes in moments of exhaustion or stress. Try your best to sleep on your back because rubbing your eyes back and forth on your pillow all night can pull and damage your lash extensions. Take particular care when cleaning your face that you don’t scrub your eyes to remove makeup, because you’ll remove lashes while you’re at it!

Third - Use the Right Products. Oil-based cleansers can break down the adhesives on your lash extensions. The adhesives are resilient and long lasting, but too much exposure to oil-based cleansers or certain types of makeup can weaken the strength of your lash adhesives. Waterproof mascaras usually contain oils to assist in their waterproofing qualities, but it also means breaking down lash glue. Water-based mascaras can be used to emphasize your lash extensions if you feel you need it. Just focus your mascara wand on mid-lash to tips - avoiding the roots where the lashes and glue can snag.

Finally - Regular Appointments! When lash extensions begin to get sparse many people do much more damage. The lashes can get a little wonky or look a little strange when you only have a few long lashes standing out. Many girls begin to pick at the remaining lashes or coat them in makeup. The problem is that you will lose your real lashes in the process! If you plan on keeping your extensions, make regular appointments to fill in the gaps. If your lashes were a one-time procedure then see your lash technician to have the lashes carefully removed without damaging your natural lashes.

Taking care of your lashes not only means that your lash extensions will last longer, but will also protect your natural lashes and make your lash extensions look healthier and more vibrant. Talk to your lash technician today about lengthening the life of your lash extensions!

Why Eyelash Extensions February 1, 2016 09:30



Eyelash extensions are growing in prevalence and popularity. Chances are you have them or you know someone who does. They are becoming a more normal part of a beauty regimen, so salons, estheticians and others are beginning to offer lash extensions as a service. To many women lash extensions seem like an extreme choice - as if they’re only for the very fancy or the very vain or the very rich. Others see lash extensions as a “special occasion” type of service and think that you’d only get lash extensions for your wedding day or before having a baby. Some women may think that they wouldn’t like lash extensions because they’re too high maintenance, too scratchy or look too extreme for their taste. Luckily as lash extensions grow in popularity the myths about them shrink.


Why should YOU get lash extensions? The reasons are different for everyone.


Most people start getting lash extensions in a temporary capacity. Weddings are very popular - your lashes can look full and natural in photos, withstand any ceremony tears and even last through the honeymoon! Lash extensions are also popular for long vacations for the same reasons: lots of photos where you want to look flawless and the added bonus - You can swim and snorkel and ski and run… but your lashes will look thick, full and never run like mascara would. Pregnant moms favor eyelash extensions around their delivery dates because they are not likely to have time or energy to do their makeup, but they still want to look pretty in pictures and feel presentable in the days and weeks following the birth of their baby. Proms, graduations, family photos - if there is a special event for which you want to look amazing then it might be a good time to try lash extensions.


“But does that mean I have to get them permanently?” No. If you go to a certified and experienced lash technician then one set of lash extensions will do no harm to your existing lashes. They will grow out and fall out naturally over time, or you can get them removed by your lash technician when you feel ready. However, getting your lash extensions refilled can be a good decision for you.


Typically lash extension fills are shorter and cheaper appointments. Your lash technician will remove any grown out or crooked lashes, then fill in any gaps to make your lashes look full and beautiful again. Even if you don’t have big events coming up, getting regular fills can actually be a smart step to take for your beauty routine. Women with lash extensions usually look and feel more beautiful naturally, so they have less of a need for a high maintenance makeup regimen. This means that with regular lash extension fills you would need to buy, and wear, less makeup! This can be particularly appealing to ladies with sensitive skin or skin issues who struggle with makeup, and anyone who has a job or lifestyle which lacks the leisure time each morning to apply a full face of makeup (which is most of us!). Rather than spending the time and money on a structured makeup routine, or feeling less than confident in your appearance without makeup, getting regular lash extension fills can be a major improvement to your routine.


A big complaint that lash technicians sometimes hear is that people are concerned about the price and amount of time that lash extensions take. Full sets can be over $100 at times, and fills anywhere from $50-90. That is a lot of money to spend on beauty, and it simply isn’t worth it to some people. But if you choose an experienced lash technician that money will be well-spent. Your lashes will look natural - not fake or overdone. Your lashes will be comfortable and won’t irritate your eyes or face at all. Your lashes will last up to four weeks, meaning you will not have to pay for fills more than once a month. The appointments can be up to two hours - but two hours once a month to have flawless, beautiful lashes is worth it to most people who value the natural and beautiful freedom of lash extensions.


Lash extensions are an easy and effective way to simplify - and beautify - your routine and feel amazing! Do your research and find a lash technician with training and experience to offer you the best possible service and then you’ll know - THAT’S why people get lash extensions.

New Year's Resolutions for Every Lash Technician January 26, 2016 22:12


Lose Weight. Read More. Get Better Grades. Eat Healthier. Exercise. There’s a standard list of potential New Year’s Resolutions from which everyone can choose. That doesn’t mean they’re bad! It’s just that generalized, big picture goals about which you are not passionate aren’t always the best way to go. If it’s true that most resolutions are abandoned by February then maybe you should wait on that fitness pass to the shiny new gym in town. Resolutions can be an amazing way to improve, grow, and stretch as a lash technician, as long as you choose small, achievable goals which (most importantly) are things you WANT to do. Here’s a small list of possible New Year’s Resolutions which may work well for you as a growing lash technician. Pick two or three that jump out at you, and make a plan to conquer these goals in the new year!

Reassess Your Finances - carefully study your budget. Start from scratch and don’t assume anything. Ask for help from an accountant or tax professional if necessary. Determine how much you are spending on lash extension supplies and see if there are other places that offer quality supplies for less. From there you can set a spending budget that will maximize your profits for the new year!

Improve Your Speed/Efficiency - You know your strengths and weaknesses best. Where could you improve your lash technique to increase your speed or efficiency? Make a plan to practice regularly, meet with a mentor, or try a new product or tool which claims to increase speed.

Increase Client Retention - recognize who your best clients are. If they come on time, pay in full, don’t ask for special treatment or discounts, and keep coming back then do your best to thank and reward them.

Up Your Social Media Game - If you don’t have special social media accounts for your lash business, now would be a great time to start! Do some research and play around with different platforms like Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter, or blogs. Make a goal to find a new one that works for you and your business and work your way up to regular posting. This can help grow your lash business like nothing else.

Get New Training! - This is probably the best resolution for lash technicians everywhere. If you have only done Classic lash trainings, why not declare this year as the year you finally learn to do volume lashes? Maybe you’re interested in brow extensions or brow sculpting. Look into new trainings in your area or online and make a plan to complete the training and implement it into your lash business.

The New Year is a great time to reflect on your lash business and decide where you want to take it in the next twelve months. Take some time this week to make some goals for yourself as a lash technician and enjoy a long and profitable year to come!

6 Ways to Prep YOUR Salon or Studio for the Holidays December 7, 2015 18:00


They’re here! The crazy days of the holiday are before us. Long hours hunting for perfect gifts, getting ready for parties, and lots of activities with family and friends. Everyone is busier, and your eyelash extensions business will be no exception. You will probably have your regular customers booking earlier or more frequent appointments to ensure that they’re looking their best for the holidays, or new clients just looking for an extra boost for that important Christmas event or to avoid makeup on Christmas morning. Your eyelash extension business can absolutely thrive during the holiday season, as long as you aren’t just trying to survive the holiday stress. There are a few things you can do to take your eyelash extension studio to the next level and benefit from the holiday rush.


  1. Take a look at your scheduling. What days do you plan to take off for the holidays? Are there days you don’t currently do eyelash extensions that you could pick up extra appointments? Increasing your schedule volume is the first step to boosting your sales during the holidays. More people will be wanting to squeeze in fills and full sets. Be as flexible and pick up as many extra appointments as you can once you’ve set your clear boundaries of which days you want to work.
  2. Print up some gift certificates! They aren’t very expensive to design and print, and you can offer them as gift ideas to your clients, on your website or Facebook page, or even use them as a promotional giveaway during the holiday season. Trust us, it will only boost your business! Many people are curious about eyelash extensions but hesitant to take that first step. Gift certificates are perfect for getting people in the door. Then once they experience your amazing eyelash extensions firsthand they will longtime returning customers.
  3. Decorate! This step should be the most fun. Take a little time to decorate your space. It doesn’t need to be very expensive or elaborate, but a little festive touch can go a long way. Even if you don’t have space for a tree - hang some cute signs, put a family of snowmen or a nativity on a countertop, and burn a Christmas-scented candle. Making your eyelash extension studio a winter wonderland is fun and enjoyable to your clients.
  4. Promote-Promote-Promote! Get the word out about your eyelash extensions and gift certificates. Host a giveaway or give your clients a percentage off their purchase for sharing your business on social media. Plan and schedule regular social media posts during the holiday season to increase traffic online and in person. Think about people who would buy your gift certificates but wouldn’t necessarily come into your business - men! How can you reach them to give them the idea of eyelash extensions for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, or daughters? Think about making flyers, placing business cards strategically around town or reaching out with an online advertising campaign.
  5. Upsell! Now is a great time to beef up your product line. If you sell any other type of product you can easily increase sales with a little bit of prep work. Reorganize your stock, make a couple of flashy signs and cap it off with some Christmas decorations. Offer them to your clients and reap the profits!
  6. Reward your VIP clients, your staff, and yourself! The holidays are for giving. Reach out to your best customers and offer them a discount or a free small product as a gift out of appreciation for their loyalty. They’ll be impressed. Throw a salon or studio party, or at least bring in some holiday treats to reward those you work with. And finally… get yourself something to pamper with! You deserve it.


In just a few easy steps you can prepare your eyelash extension salon or studio to increase profits during the holiday season.

 Happy Lashing!
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Loyalty Rewards Program February 27, 2015 17:01

Here at Blink Lash Store we LOVE our customers! To show our appreciation we have created the Loyalty Rewards Program, where lash artist can earn points toward FREE PRODUCTS just for shopping on our online store! 

Here's how it works:
Sign up by clicking the "Rewards Program" icon located at the bottom left of the page and fill in all of the required information.  You will receive 300 points, just for signing up!  After that you are ready to start collecting more points toward FREE PRODUCT!

How to earn points:

Sign up for Loyalty Rewards Program
Earn 300 points just for signing up!

Customers will receive 2 points for every one dollar spent at Blink Lash Store.

Refer fellow lash artists to earn points!  Not only will your friends receive 10% off of their first order, you will also get 500 points toward FREE PRODUCT! 
To refer a friend click on the "rewards program" tab at the bottom left of the page.  Then click the "referrals" tab located near the top right.  You will be given a referral link, which you can text to a friend, OR you can click on the facebook, twitter, or email icon to share!  
As soon as your friend makes their first purchase you will receive 500 points!

Product Reviews
Receive 50 points for each product review that you write!  Just email us at and let us know that you have written a review.  We will deposit 50 points to your account within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Social Media
Like our Blink Lash Store Facebook Page to earn 50 points!
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Email us at and let us know that you have followed us on Facebook and Instagram.  Our team will deposit 50 points to your account within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Redeem Points
Click on the "rewards program" tab at the bottom left of the page.  As soon as you have saved up enough points, click on the $5, $10, or $25 discount tab to redeem money toward free product!

Curing: Every Eyelash Extensionist's New Best Friend January 29, 2015 14:01

Why do we need to cure eyelash extensions?  How does it work?  

The adhesives used in the practice of eyelash extensions are sometimes referred to as “glue.” This is a bit misleading because we aren’t actually using glue to adhere the extensions; we are using cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are technically considered ACRYLIC RESINS. Acrylic resins do not dry; they CURE in the presence of hydrogen (hydrogen is in water, H20). Through introducing a micro-mist of hydrogen to the adhesive, we are able to activate the curing process immediately after the extensions are applied. Instead of requiring our clients to wait 24-48 hours before getting their extensions wet, clients can now get the lashes wet as soon as 5-10 hours after the extensions are applied. Although using hydrogen to cure the glue is important, too much moisture and water can dissolve the solvent, which would break up the bond of the glue. That is why using a nano mister will provide sufficient moisture but not excessive amounts, which would break up the bonding of the adhesive.


Curing is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Clients will no longer need to wait 24-48 hours before they can get their lashes wet.
  • Clients will experience less irritation from the adhesives. The adhesives used in eyelash extensions are naturally attracted to moisture. They tend to pull moisture from the eyes during the treatment, leaving them dry and red. Using the nano mister replaces that moisture, minimizing eye redness and curing the glue at the same time

  • Clients will experience less exposure to harmful fumes through aiding the curing process by use of the nano mister. While cyanoacrylate adhesives are in the process of curing, they emit strong fumes or acetic gasses, to which many people are sensitive. As soon as the adhesive is cured, these fumes are no longer released. 

How to cure lash adhesives using the nano mister:

Hold the nano mister 10-12 inches away from lashes and mist for 15 seconds over each eye. Start with your clients eyes closed in order to mist the lashes on the top layer, then have your client open their eyes, replacing the moisture in the eye and covering the surface area of the bottom lashes.

Shop for nano mister.