New Year's Resolutions for Every Lash Technician


Lose Weight. Read More. Get Better Grades. Eat Healthier. Exercise. There’s a standard list of potential New Year’s Resolutions from which everyone can choose. That doesn’t mean they’re bad! It’s just that generalized, big picture goals about which you are not passionate aren’t always the best way to go. If it’s true that most resolutions are abandoned by February then maybe you should wait on that fitness pass to the shiny new gym in town. Resolutions can be an amazing way to improve, grow, and stretch as a lash technician, as long as you choose small, achievable goals which (most importantly) are things you WANT to do. Here’s a small list of possible New Year’s Resolutions which may work well for you as a growing lash technician. Pick two or three that jump out at you, and make a plan to conquer these goals in the new year!

Reassess Your Finances - carefully study your budget. Start from scratch and don’t assume anything. Ask for help from an accountant or tax professional if necessary. Determine how much you are spending on lash extension supplies and see if there are other places that offer quality supplies for less. From there you can set a spending budget that will maximize your profits for the new year!

Improve Your Speed/Efficiency - You know your strengths and weaknesses best. Where could you improve your lash technique to increase your speed or efficiency? Make a plan to practice regularly, meet with a mentor, or try a new product or tool which claims to increase speed.

Increase Client Retention - recognize who your best clients are. If they come on time, pay in full, don’t ask for special treatment or discounts, and keep coming back then do your best to thank and reward them.

Up Your Social Media Game - If you don’t have special social media accounts for your lash business, now would be a great time to start! Do some research and play around with different platforms like Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter, or blogs. Make a goal to find a new one that works for you and your business and work your way up to regular posting. This can help grow your lash business like nothing else.

Get New Training! - This is probably the best resolution for lash technicians everywhere. If you have only done Classic lash trainings, why not declare this year as the year you finally learn to do volume lashes? Maybe you’re interested in brow extensions or brow sculpting. Look into new trainings in your area or online and make a plan to complete the training and implement it into your lash business.

The New Year is a great time to reflect on your lash business and decide where you want to take it in the next twelve months. Take some time this week to make some goals for yourself as a lash technician and enjoy a long and profitable year to come!

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