Curing: Every Eyelash Extensionist's New Best Friend

Why do we need to cure eyelash extensions?  How does it work?  

The adhesives used in the practice of eyelash extensions are sometimes referred to as “glue.” This is a bit misleading because we aren’t actually using glue to adhere the extensions; we are using cyanoacrylate adhesives, which are technically considered ACRYLIC RESINS. Acrylic resins do not dry; they CURE in the presence of hydrogen (hydrogen is in water, H20). Through introducing a micro-mist of hydrogen to the adhesive, we are able to activate the curing process immediately after the extensions are applied. Instead of requiring our clients to wait 24-48 hours before getting their extensions wet, clients can now get the lashes wet as soon as 5-10 hours after the extensions are applied. Although using hydrogen to cure the glue is important, too much moisture and water can dissolve the solvent, which would break up the bond of the glue. That is why using a nano mister will provide sufficient moisture but not excessive amounts, which would break up the bonding of the adhesive.


Curing is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Clients will no longer need to wait 24-48 hours before they can get their lashes wet.
  • Clients will experience less irritation from the adhesives. The adhesives used in eyelash extensions are naturally attracted to moisture. They tend to pull moisture from the eyes during the treatment, leaving them dry and red. Using the nano mister replaces that moisture, minimizing eye redness and curing the glue at the same time

  • Clients will experience less exposure to harmful fumes through aiding the curing process by use of the nano mister. While cyanoacrylate adhesives are in the process of curing, they emit strong fumes or acetic gasses, to which many people are sensitive. As soon as the adhesive is cured, these fumes are no longer released. 

How to cure lash adhesives using the nano mister:

Hold the nano mister 10-12 inches away from lashes and mist for 15 seconds over each eye. Start with your clients eyes closed in order to mist the lashes on the top layer, then have your client open their eyes, replacing the moisture in the eye and covering the surface area of the bottom lashes.

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