6 Ways to Prep YOUR Salon or Studio for the Holidays


They’re here! The crazy days of the holiday are before us. Long hours hunting for perfect gifts, getting ready for parties, and lots of activities with family and friends. Everyone is busier, and your eyelash extensions business will be no exception. You will probably have your regular customers booking earlier or more frequent appointments to ensure that they’re looking their best for the holidays, or new clients just looking for an extra boost for that important Christmas event or to avoid makeup on Christmas morning. Your eyelash extension business can absolutely thrive during the holiday season, as long as you aren’t just trying to survive the holiday stress. There are a few things you can do to take your eyelash extension studio to the next level and benefit from the holiday rush.


  1. Take a look at your scheduling. What days do you plan to take off for the holidays? Are there days you don’t currently do eyelash extensions that you could pick up extra appointments? Increasing your schedule volume is the first step to boosting your sales during the holidays. More people will be wanting to squeeze in fills and full sets. Be as flexible and pick up as many extra appointments as you can once you’ve set your clear boundaries of which days you want to work.
  2. Print up some gift certificates! They aren’t very expensive to design and print, and you can offer them as gift ideas to your clients, on your website or Facebook page, or even use them as a promotional giveaway during the holiday season. Trust us, it will only boost your business! Many people are curious about eyelash extensions but hesitant to take that first step. Gift certificates are perfect for getting people in the door. Then once they experience your amazing eyelash extensions firsthand they will longtime returning customers.
  3. Decorate! This step should be the most fun. Take a little time to decorate your space. It doesn’t need to be very expensive or elaborate, but a little festive touch can go a long way. Even if you don’t have space for a tree - hang some cute signs, put a family of snowmen or a nativity on a countertop, and burn a Christmas-scented candle. Making your eyelash extension studio a winter wonderland is fun and enjoyable to your clients.
  4. Promote-Promote-Promote! Get the word out about your eyelash extensions and gift certificates. Host a giveaway or give your clients a percentage off their purchase for sharing your business on social media. Plan and schedule regular social media posts during the holiday season to increase traffic online and in person. Think about people who would buy your gift certificates but wouldn’t necessarily come into your business - men! How can you reach them to give them the idea of eyelash extensions for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, or daughters? Think about making flyers, placing business cards strategically around town or reaching out with an online advertising campaign.
  5. Upsell! Now is a great time to beef up your product line. If you sell any other type of product you can easily increase sales with a little bit of prep work. Reorganize your stock, make a couple of flashy signs and cap it off with some Christmas decorations. Offer them to your clients and reap the profits!
  6. Reward your VIP clients, your staff, and yourself! The holidays are for giving. Reach out to your best customers and offer them a discount or a free small product as a gift out of appreciation for their loyalty. They’ll be impressed. Throw a salon or studio party, or at least bring in some holiday treats to reward those you work with. And finally… get yourself something to pamper with! You deserve it.


In just a few easy steps you can prepare your eyelash extension salon or studio to increase profits during the holiday season.

Happy Lashing!
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