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Eyelash extensions are growing in prevalence and popularity. Chances are you have them or you know someone who does. They are becoming a more normal part of a beauty regimen, so salons, estheticians and others are beginning to offer lash extensions as a service. To many women lash extensions seem like an extreme choice - as if they’re only for the very fancy or the very vain or the very rich. Others see lash extensions as a “special occasion” type of service and think that you’d only get lash extensions for your wedding day or before having a baby. Some women may think that they wouldn’t like lash extensions because they’re too high maintenance, too scratchy or look too extreme for their taste. Luckily as lash extensions grow in popularity the myths about them shrink.


Why should YOU get lash extensions? The reasons are different for everyone.


Most people start getting lash extensions in a temporary capacity. Weddings are very popular - your lashes can look full and natural in photos, withstand any ceremony tears and even last through the honeymoon! Lash extensions are also popular for long vacations for the same reasons: lots of photos where you want to look flawless and the added bonus - You can swim and snorkel and ski and run… but your lashes will look thick, full and never run like mascara would. Pregnant moms favor eyelash extensions around their delivery dates because they are not likely to have time or energy to do their makeup, but they still want to look pretty in pictures and feel presentable in the days and weeks following the birth of their baby. Proms, graduations, family photos - if there is a special event for which you want to look amazing then it might be a good time to try lash extensions.


“But does that mean I have to get them permanently?” No. If you go to a certified and experienced lash technician then one set of lash extensions will do no harm to your existing lashes. They will grow out and fall out naturally over time, or you can get them removed by your lash technician when you feel ready. However, getting your lash extensions refilled can be a good decision for you.


Typically lash extension fills are shorter and cheaper appointments. Your lash technician will remove any grown out or crooked lashes, then fill in any gaps to make your lashes look full and beautiful again. Even if you don’t have big events coming up, getting regular fills can actually be a smart step to take for your beauty routine. Women with lash extensions usually look and feel more beautiful naturally, so they have less of a need for a high maintenance makeup regimen. This means that with regular lash extension fills you would need to buy, and wear, less makeup! This can be particularly appealing to ladies with sensitive skin or skin issues who struggle with makeup, and anyone who has a job or lifestyle which lacks the leisure time each morning to apply a full face of makeup (which is most of us!). Rather than spending the time and money on a structured makeup routine, or feeling less than confident in your appearance without makeup, getting regular lash extension fills can be a major improvement to your routine.


A big complaint that lash technicians sometimes hear is that people are concerned about the price and amount of time that lash extensions take. Full sets can be over $100 at times, and fills anywhere from $50-90. That is a lot of money to spend on beauty, and it simply isn’t worth it to some people. But if you choose an experienced lash technician that money will be well-spent. Your lashes will look natural - not fake or overdone. Your lashes will be comfortable and won’t irritate your eyes or face at all. Your lashes will last up to four weeks, meaning you will not have to pay for fills more than once a month. The appointments can be up to two hours - but two hours once a month to have flawless, beautiful lashes is worth it to most people who value the natural and beautiful freedom of lash extensions.


Lash extensions are an easy and effective way to simplify - and beautify - your routine and feel amazing! Do your research and find a lash technician with training and experience to offer you the best possible service and then you’ll know - THAT’S why people get lash extensions.

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