Product Spotlight: Black Diamond Sealant

Welcome back to our Thursday blog posts, where we highlight a new product each week and offer a 20% off discount code!   This weeks product spotlight is our Black Diamond Sealant!  

Our Black Diamond Sealant has so many amazing qualities.  Here are a few of our favorite features:
-Our BL Black Diamond Sealant has a rich, dark color along with  a thin consistency adds the perfect amount of depth without looking thick or clumpy.

-Unlike other sealants on the market BL's Black Diamond Sealant contains D-biotin, a  vitamin supplement for natural lashes that has a conditioning effect.

-Our formula helps improve retention by creating a protective seal around the lash  extensions.

-Black Diamond Sealant is a world wide best selling product!
Use code BLACKDIAMOND for 20% off this week!

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