How to Speed Up Your Lash Application

If you have mastered lash techniques and you are creating clean, beautiful sets, the next thing to master is your application speed. 

 Why is speed important? 
 Improving your speed is one of the easiest ways to increase revenue because you will be able to service more lash clients each day. This post in meant to help lash artists improve their speed, without sacrificing the quality of their work! 

 We have broken this information down into three sections;
-Create the perfect Lash Room Set Up. 
-Utilize lash supplies that are meant to help speed up your service. 
-What you can do during the service to improve speed.

Creating the Perfect Lash Room Set Up;

 One of the most important aspects of your lash room setup is LIGHTING.  If you don’t have adequate lighting it is incredibly difficult to do a lash application, let alone a speedy application.    It is also important to use lighting that prevents eye strain.  

Here are a few Lighting Options;

In our opinion, a Glamcor light is the very best option.  Most lights have five dimming options and mimic natural sunlight.  They don’t emit heat, which is exactly what we want when working around adhesives that are affected by heat.

Full Spectrum Floor Lamp; This type of lamp is what I personally used when I first started working as a lash artist.  It is a great, inexpensive option for lash artists that are on a budget.   It has a flexible neck so you can adjust it to see your cleats lashes.  It also mimics natural sunlight and has a type of lens that prevents glare.  This protects the health of your eyes. 

Ring Light; 

Another great budget friendly option is the ring light.  It is a great source of studio lighting.  This light is also great for taking photos of your clients' lashes.

A Clean and Organized Lash Cart;

Keeping your Lash extension supplies clean and organized is so important when it comes to speeding up your lash application.  Having easy access to your products and supplies doesn’t sound like it would mage a huge difference, but when it comes to speed, everything little thing counts.  It also looks much  more professional to your clients to see a clean and inviting space.  

Use a clock or watch so you can keep track of the time while you are lashing;

Having a simple clock on the wall, next to the lash bed, or using a watch on your wrist can be such a huge help when you are trying to improve your speed!  It is so easy to lose track of time when you are having good conversation or even losing yourself in your work.  When we watch the time, we are faster.  The reason we recommend using a clock or watch is because checking your phone takes time and slows you down.   It also isn’t a good sanitary practice to touch your phone during lash application.  

Use a Thermomiter/ Hygrometer;

 It is important to control your environment when lashing.  I wrote an entire post about that here.  Humidity levels and room temperature affect how fast our adhesives cure.  Sometimes we need to increase or decrease levels in order to speed up adhesive dry dimes

Utilizing Lash Supplies to Help Speed up your Service;

Lash Primer
Lash primer removes all of the dirt and natural oils from the lashes.  This helps improve speed because if there are contaminants on the natural lash it is going to prevent your glue from drying quickly.   This product also improves retention.  

Extension Base
Our extension base is used by applying a small amount to the base of the lash extension while they are on the tape strip using a micro swab.  It is important to then let it dry before applying the lash extensions.  The extension base will then act as a “glue aid” which helps the adhesive dry more quickly.  Trust me, you will love it!

Laser Lashes
These lashes are exclusive to BL.  They have tiny indentions at the base of each lash that are created with a laser.  These indentions create an instant bond between the extension and the natural lash.  As a result, the extensions don’t slide off of the natural lash.  This prevents you from having to reapply lashes and also improves retention. 

A Fast Drying Adhesive
My personal favorites are; Wonder, Strong Magic, Optimus, and Mach Glue.  Each of these adhesives can be used for both classic and volume application and all of them dry very quickly.  

During the Service

Client Setup Can Boost Application Speed
 First and Foremost, make sure your client is comfortable.  Listed are a few things that I like to offer clients to give them a more spa like experience.   

-Comfortable lash bed or recliner;  I added a 3 inch foam topper to my lash bed for added comfort. 

-Blanket;  Offering a soft, cozy blanket, or even a weighted blanket can add to a clients experience. 

-Pillow;  I like to use ergonomically designed pillows that take any strain off of my clients neck.  I also like to offer a wedge or pillow for under my clients knees.  This takes any strain off of their back. 

Ask your Clients to Remove All eye Makeup Before they Arrive:
 This is one of the biggest time savers.  Removing a lot of eye makeup can add up to 10 minutes to your appointment time.  An option for your clients coming from work is to have a little lash washing station set up so they can remove their makeup just before.   

Avoid Talking
 This one is a little bit tricky because one of the best aspects about being a lash artist is the friendships created with clients.  Unfortunately talking does affect speed because our clients tend to move when we talk.  This is a personal decision to make as a lash artist.  Maybe there are some clients who are able to talk while keeping their eyes still. 

Here are a few solutions for your clients that really need help relaxing their eyes;
-Be up front.  It is important to always be kind and considerate to our clients, but there is a way to tactfully let your clients know that talking during application makes it incredibly difficult.  After that you can offer a few options so they are entertained during their appointment.
-Offer Music or Podcasts;   I have found that a lot of my clients enjoy listening to podcasts together during appointments.  It is a way to still bond with your clients without talking.  It may be a good idea to create a cute menu of the various podcast or audiobook options for your clients.
-Offer a hydrating lip mask;  These lip masks prevent your clients from talking and it is also a soothing, spa like experience.  WIN, WIN!

What You Can Do as a Lash Artist to Improve Your Speed:

-Practice Faster Isolation
-Make sure you are Placing your eye pads correctly
-Keep Brushing and Fluffing at a minimum;
 Once you are dependably doing one on one attachments, there isn’t a need to brush through your clients lashes until the end of the appointment.  Doing this multiple times throughout the appointment adds a lot of unnecessary time.  
 -Write down your lash map before you get started.  This makes it so you don’t have to think about each and every lash as far as how long it is and where you are going to place it. 

We hope these tips help you with your lash speed!  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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