Product Spotlight: Laser Lashes

We are so excited to be doing an educational blog post on a new product every Thursday.  With each post, we will include a discount code!  Today's product is our exclusive BL Laser Lashes.  These patented lashes have tiny grooves at the base of the lash that mimic the cuticle on our natural lashes and dramatically improve retention.  

The picture above is an up close and personal look at our laser lashes!  Lets go over the many features that our BL Laser Lashes have to offer!
1.  There are tiny laser grooves at the base of each Laser Lash.  These grooves are able to hold more glue, increasing the surface area of the bond.  This improves retention by 1.5X.
2.  Like all of our lashes, our Laser Lashes are made from high quality PBT Fiber.
3.  They are softer than conventional lashes and their design allows for more flexibility than regular lashes.  
4.  The textured surface evenly distributes glue, prevents stickies, and improves adhesion.  

You are going to love these lashes!   We pinkie swear!  Use code LASER10 to try out our lashes lashes for only $10.  Code expires at the end of the week.   

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