Gel Pads and Tape 101

All About Gel Pads and Tape

When it comes to taping down your clients lower lashes, each of your clients may have different needs.  Everyones eyes are shaped differently, so we like to offer several different shapes and sizes of gel pads.  We also offer several different types of tape.  In this blog post we are going to teach you about all of the different options available through blink lash store, PLUS teach you some eye patch hacks to help you isolate those bottom lashes from the top lashes and speed up your lash sets!

Blink Lint Free Eye Patches

I’m going to start out with my personal favorite, our Blink Lint Free Eye Patches.  I have yet to find a client that these didn’t work for.  These gel patches are a very symmetrical shape and contour perfectly to any clients eyes.  On top of that, they are basically an under eye treatment.  Using a patented technology, these gel patches slowly release moisture and nutrients according to the temperature of your clients skin.  They also have a strong coating on their surface that protects your clients skin from the tips of your tweezers.  Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite features -contains arbutin to brighten skin
-contains collagen, which improves the skins moisture level 
-lint free
-unique formula promotes firming

Wink Me Lint Free Eye Patches

These gel patches are one of our best sellers.  They are very similar to our Blink Lint Free Eye Patches.  The only difference is in the shape.  The Wink Me Gel Patches have a slightly asymmetrical shape to better fit various eye shapes.   
 -Thin, flexible coating that is easy to work with
- Lint Free
-Anti Aging ingredients

Beaute Rrior Gel Patches

Our Beaute Rrior Gel Patches can be used to tape down the lower lashes, but I personally prefer to cut these into 4ths and use them to tape UP the top lashes instead of using tape.  Why do I like these?  THEY ARE STICKY.  These gel pads are very sticky.  They will hold up the top lashes, but won’t pull of any extensions when you readjust them like tap can do at times. 
 -these have a soft, flexible surface that works great with the tape up method
 -contain collagen which adds moisture and improves elasticity
-lint free
-asymmetrical shape

Hydro Gel Patches

Hydro Gel Patches These Gel Patches are a great inexpensive option if you want to use gel patches as opposed to tape, but want to do it on a budget.  These have a symmetrical shape that contours to the eyes nicely. 
 -Lint Free
-Non-woven cloth surface protects skin from tweezers
-contains hydro-gel which soothes and hydrates the skin
-contains Aloe and Vitamin C

What Features Should a Great Pair of Gel Patches Have?

-  They should stick to the skin well without slipping or losing their grip during the lash extension application. 

-  They should contour well to the shape of your clients eyes, so they can cover all of the lower lashes. 

-  The surface of the gel patch should be coated to protect the skin under your clients eyes.  -The shape should cover both the inner and outer corner of your clients lashes to make applying lash extensions easier 

-They should be light in color to make it easier to see your clients lashes and also so you can write your lash map/design on them 

-They should soothe and relax your clients skin as an added treatment  

 We have made sure that all of our gel patches have every one of these features!

Let's Talk Technique

Pictured are just a few techniques for gel pad placement:


Using only tape is a great for beginners because it doesn't move at all.  It isn't as comfortable, so we recommend other techniqes.


Tape over gel patches is the best of both worlds because it is more comfortable and it stays in place.


My personal favorite is to use the gel pad alone.  I like this because you can move the gel pad to assist you as you go.


This is what I mean when I say move the gel pad as you go.  I like to move the gel pad to this position in the inner corners.  

We hope this information helps you improve your isolation skills.  Let us know what you think in the comments and make sure to follow us on Instagram!

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