Product Spotlight: Super Flat Lashes

This weeks product spotlight is our Super Flat Lashes.  These lashes are a customer favorite for many reasons and this week they are 20% off, so it is the perfect time to try them.  Let's talk about some of their features.  
1.  Our BL Super Flat Lashes are 75% lighter than regular eyelash extensions.  They literally feel feather light and are so comfortable.
2.  The fact that they are so lightweight makes them feel like volume lashes.  
3.  These lashes are extremely thin, which allows for the adhesive to coat more surface area during application.  This is one of the features that improves retention.
4.  As mentioned above, the BL super flat lashes are lightweight, thin, and comfortable.  These features prevent your clients from picking at their lashes, improving retention.  
5.  There is a deep split in the tip of our Super Flat Lashes, which creates the appearance of volume lashes.
6.  These lashes have a soft matte finish
7.  Best of all, the features of our super flat lashes improve retention by 35%>

This week our Super Flat Lashes are on sale for 20% off using code SUPERFLAT20


Excellent product!  Clients love how light and natural they feel.  Extensions stay on longer and are easier to apply.  I’ve noticed the natural lash is in much better condition at fill time than with any other lash I’ve tried in the past.

By Marilyn M.

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