Lash Tip Tuesday: Adhesive Usage

For today's Lash Tip Tuesday we are going to talk about how much adhesives is too much!  As you can see in the picture using too much adhesive will cause the glue to travel up your beautiful lash fan and close it on itss way.  Another problem is that the more adhesive you use, the longer it will take to polymerize.  If you let go of your fan too soon it will instantly close.  
So how do you know how much to use?  Well, it depends on the lash that you are planning to make an attachment to.  If you are making attachments to those thin, delicate lashes on inner corners, you need a very small amount of adhesive.  If you are placing an extension on a very thick, strong natural lash, you will need more adhesive.  
So how do you control how much adhesive you pick up?  Here are a couple of techniques:
-At a perpendicular angle, dip the base of your lash fan into the adhesive and pull it out very slowly.  The more slowly you pull it out, the less adhesive it will pick up.  If you want a little bit more adhesive, you can pull it out a little bit faster.
-Use the scoop method.  Simply use a scooping motion and get the tiniest dot on your lash fan.  The scooping method helps the adhesive not to travel up your fan.  
We hope these tips help!  Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more tips and tricks.  

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