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Laser Lashes

Maren Fechser 

As Blink Lash Store's head trainer and product education specialist, Maren has over 8 years of experience in the lash industry. She loves sharing everything she has learned and helping lash artists hone in on their techniques and skills. 

Have You Tried Our Laser Lashes Yet?

 If you haven't, now is the time!  For the next month we are giving away a free laser lash sample with every single purchase made at Blink Lash Store.  What makes laser lashes so unique?  They have tiny textured grooves (created with a laser) at their base.  Through extensive testing we have found that this added texture improves retention by 1.5 times!  On top of that the texture speeds up the application process!  This innovative technology is patented, so you will only find Laser Lashes with BL.  Below is a diagram that demonstrates the Laser Lash Difference.  

Laser Lashes

Let's Go Over The Points Above In Depth

  • The textured surface creates more surface area for the lash adhesive to adhere to, improving retention.  
  • You won't end up with that ball of adhesive at the base of the lash extension because the adhesive goes into the grooves of the laser lash.  Just like our natural hair has a cuticle, the lasher lash has texture that mimics the cuticle.  When we are applying the textured laser lash to the texture of the cuticle on our natural lashes it improves the bond significantly!  Pretty cool, right?!
  • Laser Lashes prevent stickies.  Like we have mentioned above, the glue goes into the furrows of the laser lash, this gives a clean, even distribution and prevents excess adhesive from sticking to the lashes nearby.  
  • Laser Eyelash Extensions create a soft and flexible look.  The furrows at the base are much less bulky than conventional lash extensions.  This adds flexibility and softness to your lash sets.  
  • Laser Lashes take less time to apply than conventional lashes.  Why?  Because of the texture.  Think of the way acrylic nails are applied.  One of the first steps is to file the nail bed of the natural nail so that the acrylic will bond to it more quickly and easily.  The same principal applies to our Laser Lashes.  
  • What is the best thing about Laser Lashes?  THEY IMPROVE RETENTION BY 1.5 TIMES!  Need I say more?

    With all of the information above, you can see that Laser Lashes are the perfect addition to your eyelash extension supplies.  Make sure to snag a free sample while we are doing this special.  (Free Laser Lash sample with every order over the next month).  

Drop a comment below if you have any questions.

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