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A Guide to Help You Select the Perfect Aftercare Products for Your Clients

Maren Fechser
 As Blink Lash Store's head trainer and product education specialist, Maren has over 8 years of experience in the lash industry. She loves sharing everything she has learned and helping lash artists hone in on their techniques and skills. 

Are you currently offering lash aftercare products to your clients? 
Most lash artists hate selling retail and if I’m being completely honest, I was right there with you, until I learned why it’s so important. The biggest reason to sell retail is that is creates a relationship of trust and builds client loyalty!  What, what!? I thought it was about making more money!  Thinking this way always made me feel uncomfortable offering products to my clients. It is true though, it has been proven time and time again, study after study that salon customers who purchase retail products will remain clients longer than those who do not.  

Another important thing to take into account is that your clients retention is significantly affected by their aftercare, which in turn reflects your salons quality of work. Okay, this is starting to seem pretty important, right? On top of that, lash aftercare products are formulated to take care of your clients skin and keep their lashes healthy. So lets review; offering aftercare builds trust, improves retention, and maintains the health of your clients eyes and lashes. After reframing the way we think about aftercare, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are doing our clients a disservice when we don’t offer retail products! I’m going to do a post about techniques for selling aftercare in the future, but today I want to focus on educating you about what retail products we have and how they work!

Something that makes our products special is that each of them has targeted ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.  With that in mind I’m going to go over some of our most popular retail products. 

Cleansing Products

Clean lashes are an absolute must!  Keeping clean lashes is the single most important factor that your client can control when it comes to retention. Even if your client doesn’t wear makeup, over time a buildup of oil secretions and dead skin begins to accumulate at the base of their lash extensions, becoming the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Not only does this makes their lash extensions stick together, but it can also cause infections like blepharitis. In order to keep your clients long term, clean lashes are paramount!  

 BL Lash Foam

If I had to select one product that every lash client should be using on a regular basis, this is the one! Our foaming lash wash is a luxury product that is infused with ingredients that nourish your clients lashes and skin. Two of those targeted ingredients are Pasque Flower, a powerful antibacterial agent, and Zanthoxylum, which is a fruit extract that promotes cell regeneration. Yes, please! When your clients give themselves a daily lash bath, they maintain the health of their lashes and skin, but they also remove the oil and makeup that weakens the bond of the lash adhesive over time. If you want to keep your clients lashes healthy and keep them coming back for years to come, make sure you educate them about the importance of this product. Pro tip: Price your full sets to include a foaming lash wash and cleansing brush. That way your clients will understand the importance of cleansing their lashes and develop a habit of keeping their lashes clean right from the start. Once they run out, they will most certainly buy more. Win, win!

Cleansing Water

This is one of our newer products and has quickly become a customer favorite! What makes this product unique is that it is PH balanced to be very similar to natural tears, which makes it suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. This cleansing water can be used daily and it easily removes make residue, dead skin, and sebum.  

BL Lip and Eye Makeup Remover

This oil free makeup remover has been formulated using healing Swiss herbs that nourish the skin and lashes. It gently removes makeup, keeping the lashes clean, while helping with retention. This is also a great product to have available to your clients upon arrival to their appointment if they need to remove any makeup. This small amenity gives them a chance to try it and allows you to introduce them to a retail product.  

BL Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These oil free cleansing wipes are the perfect retail products for your busy clients that are constantly on the go. Each cleansing pad has been infused with aloe vera extract, which moisturizes and refreshes the skin. The formula for these pads is very gentle, which makes them perfect for all skin types.


Lash sealants are huge when it comes to retention and they make a wonderful retail product to offer your clients!  Sealants provide a protective seal for the eyelash extensions. This seal protects the lashes by repelling sweat, dirt, oil, and other environmental components that affect the adhesive.

Black Diamond Sealant

This sealant is definitely a customer favorite! It has a very thin consistency and it is black, which adds just a little bit more depth to a set of lash extensions. It also helps the lashes look just a little bit more full when it is time for a fill and lashes are starting to look sparse. On top of that, it contains D-biotin as a targeted ingredients.  Biotin nourishes the natural lashes, keeping them healthy and helping them grow.  

Crystal Drop Sealant

Our Crystal Drop Sealant is much like our Black Diamond Sealant. The only difference is that the Crystal Drop Sealant is clear and doesn’t have any black pigment. This product is a great way seal the bond of the adhesive 24 hours after the lashes have been applied. This product also contains D-Bionin which is a vitamin supplement for the natural lashes that has a conditioning effect.  

Beaute Rrior Sealant

Our Beaute Rrior Sealant is very similar to our other sealants. The main difference is that is has a consistency that is ever so slightly thicker than the other two. This gives it a rich, luxurious feel. It also contains ingredients that nourish the natural lash, encouraging growth, while maintaining the health of the natural Lash.


The most important thing to note when selecting makeup that is suitable for eyelash extensions is making sure that it is oil free because oil will break down the molecules that are in your lash adhesive, resulting in poor retention. At Blink Lash Store we carry a variety of makeup that is oil free, which won’t negatively affect retention.   Just like with all of our products, we like to take it a step further. We have added targeted ingredients that promote growth and maintain the health of the natural lash, while improving retention at the same time.  

Noir Mascara

Extensions or not, this is hands down my favorite mascara I have ever used! It goes on smooth keeping your lashes separated and it never clumps. This rich, luxurious formula is oil free and completely smudge proof. It contains targeted ingredients like Thuja Orientalis, which promotes growth, and Keratin, which restores brittle and frail lashes back to their optimal condition and strengthens the natural lash. This mascara can be removed effortlessly with a gentle oil free cleanser and has absolutely no smudging. 

Eyeliner Pencil

This pencil eyeliner was specifically formulated to be used with eyelash extensions. It has a soft, rich texture that gently glides on the skin without any tugging or pulling, so it can be applied with lash extensions without any damage. Pro Tip: Use this when creating a smokey eye. Its soft texture is blended out very easily and as I mentioned before it doesn’t catch on the lash extensions at all.  

Liquid Eyeliner

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner that works well with eyelash extensions, look no further! This stuff is pretty much like liquid gold. This water based liner glides on with ease with absolutely no catching or snagging on the lash extensions. It has an extremely fine point made of soft bristles that creates clean, precise lines.   

Luxury Mascara Brush

These beautiful mascara brushes keep the lashes clean and hygienic. The brush is made of soft nylon, so it is very gentle on eyelash extensions.   These brushes are available in back and white and they make the perfect retail product!

Growth Serums

Eyelash Growth Serums are a great retail product for virtually everyone, but they are especially suitable for your clients who have thin or damaged lashes.   

MD Advanced

This is our most effective and advanced growth serum. MD advanced is one of the leading formulas on the market because it contains polypeptides and carnosine, which promote RAPID growth. Clients will see results in as little as 4 weeks and can expect their lashes to grow much longer than their natural capacity for growth.

Beaute Rrior Eyebrow and Eyelash Tonic

This Growth serum isn’t quite as strong as the MD advanced in that it won’t make your lashes grow past their natural potential. It is the perfect choice for clients who simply want to maintain their lashes or restore them to their natural state.  

I hope this information helps you create new revenue for your salon!


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