Adhesive Storage 101

How to Store Your Lash Adhesive to Make it Last!

Maren Fechser
As Blink Lash Store's head trainer and product education specialist, Maren has over 8 years of experience in the lash industry.  She loves sharing everything she has learned and helping lash artists hone in on their techniques and skills. 

If you find yourself wondering how lash adhesives are supposed to be stored, you have come to the right place!  The three most important things to take into account when you are storing your lash glue are; light, temperature, and humidity.  All three of those factors will cause your adhesive to be less effective.  Luckily, those three things are pretty easy to control!  Here are my top three tips to take care of your adhesive!

Write Down Purchase Date and Open Date

This seems like a simple tip, but it is important because lash adhesives have a shelf life.  We recommend using unopened lash glues within 3-6 months.  Once an adhesive has been opened it can last 4-6 weeks.  (I personally get a new adhesive after 4 weeks).

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

This tip is pretty straightforward.  Remember what we said about light and temperature affecting your lash adhesive?  Just make sure to keep your adhesive stored in a cool, dark room.  Direct sunlight can cause the temperature to increase and your adhesive to go bad prematurely.  

Suggested Temp (72°-78°F) and Low Humidity

We suggest storing your lash glue at a room temperature between 72°-78°.  As far as humidity goes for storage, try to keep it below 60%.  You can use our silica packets to help (more on that later).

More Helpful Tips and Information

Shake your adhesive from side to side (not up and down) at least 20 times before using it.  This will ensure that its contents are completely mixed.  

Angle the bottle at 90°, then let gravity take its course.  Don't squeeze, because that will cause air and moisture to get into the bottle.

Clean the nozzle with thick paper right after getting your drop of adhesive.  This will prevent glue from building up on the nozzle. 

Last Tip:

Use the adhesive storage bag and silica gel packet that comes with your BL Lash Glue.

I hope this information helps!  Post any questions you have in the comments below!

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