Eyebrow Extensions vs. 3D Eyebrow Sculpting


The world of eyebrows has changed rapidly in the past 5 years. Overplucked, thin, pencil-drawn eyebrows are a thing of the past. People are welcoming thick, dark, arched brows with open arms. For those of us who are scared of the tweezers or the sting of waxing, this is great news. For others with naturally thin, light, or overplucked brows this can be a challenge. If you have tiny or blonde brows, how can you keep up with this trend? If you have follicle damage or hair loss in your eyebrows is there anything you can do? Are people really doing extensions for their eyebrows just like for their eyelashes? Thankfully you CAN keep up with this trend and achieve beautiful, natural looking eyebrows no matter your current natural brow situation. There are a few different options, but two of the newest and most easily confused are Eyebrow Extensions and 3D Eyebrow Sculpting.

Eyebrow Extensions are just that - extensions! Tiny hairs are stuck with glue to your eyebrow area for the appearance of fuller, darker, more arched brows, depending on your requests. The longest lasting eyebrow extensions are attached with a clear adhesive directly to your existing brow hairs. For those with no or few eyebrow hairs, eyebrow extensions can be attached to the skin to increase the width and volume of your eyebrows. These can last up to a week or longer, if you take good care of them. These make a particularly good choice for events such as weddings, holidays, or baby births. Clients should treat these eyebrow extensions as carefully as they would eyelash extensions. Avoid rubbing or tension on the brows. Keep the area clean and cared for.

3D Eyebrow Sculpting is a bit different. Sculpting involves careful consultation with the client to determine what their needs may be. Do they want thicker, longer brows? Do they need more of an arch? Do they want a darker, more dramatic color? Then once the goal shape has been discussed, the technician uses a combination of different gels, serums, and powders to create the brow look. Using thin flexible drawing tools, the technician will apply the gel & coloring to the brow area to achieve the client’s goals. The great thing about 3D Sculpting is that the coloring gel is semi-permanent, meaning it will last 2-3 weeks with proper care. This is a particularly useful service for people who struggle with bald or sparse spots - you can even 3D Sculpt beards and mustaches!

If you do not yet offer eyebrow extensions or 3D sculpting as part of your salon or studio services menu, you should consider getting trained on these services. Eyebrows are the next big thing in the world of esthetics and cosmetology - and you could be offering these new services before your competitors. If you are a licensed eyelash technician then you already have the skills and training necessary to succeed in eyebrow extension or 3D sculpting training. Adding these services to your salon or studio menu will make you a more competitive and progressive beauty business, as well as improving client satisfaction and retention.

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