Why Every Lash Artist Should Get a Nano-Mister


Nano Mister

As a lash technician your primary concern is giving your clients beautiful, full eyelash extensions in the most comfortable way possible. There are a lot of lash technicians out there, and some may charge less than you do. The way you will win and retain clients is by providing a higher quality service in the least invasive way. If you can provide the service efficiently and leave your client with a feeling of comfort and luxury it will pay off - big time. You have probably already done everything you can to make your studio or salon comfortable. Cushy recliners, inviting decor, aromatherapy, even amenities like drinks and magazines can go a long way in making your clients feel at home. It’s important for your clients to be able to easily tolerate an hours-long appointment, and even enjoy it! That’s how you retain clients over time. But regardless of these steps you’ve taken to keep your clients comfortable, and no matter how skilled of a lash technician you are, your clients can still experience discomfort and stinging due to lashes and the adhesive used.

The adhesive you use to attach lashes to a client’s eyes contains many chemicals which react with one another and the air to “cure” or to change forms from a liquid glue to a solid glue. When the glue is not fully cured it can cause stinging or burning sensations to the client, which is not desirable to say the least. Usually these sensations are not harmful or permanent, but they can still be problematic to a client who is unsure of their decision to get eyelash extensions, or clients with heightened eye sensitivity. The good news is that you can do something to prevent it!

Part of the curing process is the glue being exposed to air and the small amount of humidity in the environment. Sometimes the middle layers of lashes get exposed to less air than the outer edges and top layers, meaning they don’t cure at the same speeds. That’s why hours after an appointment a client can get random burning sensations when the uncured glue shifts, moves or is otherwise felt in their eye area. You counsel your clients to avoid large amounts of water after their appointments, but exposure to light amounts of humid water mist can speed up the curing process. That’s where a nano-mister comes in.

A nano-mister sprays tiny water droplets evenly onto the lashes to cure the glue and dry the lashes. It sounds like it would do the opposite - spraying water on the lashes sets the glue and makes them dry? But it does! A nano-mister sprays such a small amount of misted water that it can help the glue cure more evenly, especially in those middle layers of lashes, meaning it sets faster and is dry faster. Expert eyelash technicians suggest using a nano-mister throughout the appointment to cure lash adhesive faster and to prevent any burning or stinging sensations your client may experience.

Between careful technique (using the least amount of adhesive possible), comfortable seating, and using a nano-mister, you can keep your clients’ lashes full, beautiful and completely irritation free! When you provide eyelash extensions with no inconvenience or pain to the customer you will see your business thrive, not just survive. Check out a nano-mister for your studio today!

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