How to Build a Clientele for Your Eyelash Extension Business


As eyelash extensions grow more popular, the pool of licensed estheticians and lash technicians grows ever-wider. More and more people are offering lash extensions every single day. How will you get people to try YOUR eyelash extensions? Potential clients might currently be loyal to a sub-standard technician, or interested in eyelash extensions but not sure where to look first. You want clients to find you and decide you’re worth booking. Some of these clients may prefer to bounce around - choosing cheap groupons, random referrals, or promotions to decide where they go next for their next set of eyelash extensions. Your goal is to get these clients to like you and your services enough to remain a loyal customer for months and years to come. But how?

Stop Trying to Be Everybody Else

It’s easy to look around and just copy what every other lash studio is doing - but you shouldn’t. You will get completely lost in the crowd. Instead, look for what makes you different from other lash studios. Diversifying yourself will make your business more visible, so clients will be more likely to find and choose you. Can you offer special products or flexible hours? Get certified in a new technique or learn how to do brow extensions! Training yourself in new beauty skills could set you apart from other lash technicians.

Be Flexible to Meet Your Clients’ Needs

To keep your clients coming back you need them to be happy. Consider your clients’ needs when it comes to your studio space, pricing, scheduling, and lifestyle. Ask for feedback from your current clients and try your best to accept constructive criticism. If there is anything you can do to improve or change your eyelash extension business to make your clients even happier - do it. Making a little change for a client will make them a client for life.

Get the Word Out!

You need to be discoverable in order to get and keep a clientele. Start small by advertising your business through free social media accounts and offering current clients a discount for referring others. Then turn to the internet. Google and Yelp should be your friends. Create a simple website or hire someone to make one for you. Investing some time in social media and your website will make it so people can find and follow you.

Quality is Everything

At the end of the day the very best thing you can do is offer the highest quality work available. Your clients will be so happy they’ll be sure to stay loyal to your studio. They will be more likely to recommend you to friends and family - and anyone else who notices their beautiful lashes. High quality lashes are the greatest way to build your clientele.

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