Eyelashes and Allergies


Getting eyelash extensions can be intimidating to a lot of people. “You’re going to GLUE things to my EYE?” There’s something so vulnerable about laying in a chair with your eyes closed while a technician slowly sticks lashes a millimeter away from your eyelid. Yet the results are gorgeous! Eyelash extensions might sound a little scary or high-maintenance, but actually they are very simple, very safe and a very easy way to get some huge wow factor into your look (while actually making your daily routine faster and easier!). Eyelash extensions are great for anyone and everyone, even people with sparse or fine lashes. Whether you’re a beauty novice or an esthetics expert eyelashes are the perfect finishing touch for your look. Sure, it’s a process, but there’s nothing to be afraid of!

But what if eyelash extensions cause problems? Sometimes in the spring or fall people will report back to their lash technicians that they are allergic to the lashes or glue - they’re experiencing tenderness, irritation and/or swelling. That seems so scary and preventable, especially since most people assume it was the lashes or glue which caused the sensitivity. But actually that is almost never the case! Both the lashes and the glue used by any qualified technician have been carefully designed and tested by scientists and beauticians alike to ensure that even sensitive skin types will not be irritated or affected. Lash extensions and lash glue are comprised of chemicals, yes, but not any that would cause an allergic reaction.

If you are experiencing a sensitive reaction to eyelash extensions, the chances are you’re just actually suffering from seasonal allergies! In the fall many people become sensitive to ragweed, and in the spring it’s the blooming pollen in the air. Even if the symptoms seem directly tied to your eyelash extensions, it’s usually just a by-product of a compromised immune system. Your immune system is in overdrive, working incredibly hard to fight against sickness, weakness and the allergens in the air due to the season. You may experience puffiness, redness, irritation and sensitivity - but it isn’t your eyelash extensions - it’s your seasonal allergies!

So what can you do? The best way is to attack the cause - seasonal allergies. Take your preferred antihistamine, calm the irritated areas with cool water and cortisol creams, and avoid going outdoors if at all possible. Resist the urge to rub your eyes or pick at your lashes. This will only increase the sensitivity and may even cause irreparable damage to your extensions and natural lashes. Lay still with a cold washcloth over your eyes until the irritation subsides, or use a soothing, oil-free cream to calm angry eyelids. See your lash technician if you truly believe that the eyelashes or the way they’re adhered is a problem.

Basically what we’re saying is - you’re safe! Eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic, scientifically tested and very safe to be on and near your eyes. If you are experiencing irritation or allergy symptoms don’t panic! You aren’t going to lose your eyelids! You just need to pop a Benadryl, rinse your face and you will be fine. Your lashes will be too!

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