Keeping Clients Comfortable during their Eyelash Appointment


For women who get eyelash or brow extensions, those appointments are treasured time. They schedule regular appointments with you and rarely miss or go too long between fills because the service you’re providing them is important. They are willing to block out hours at a time to come see you, once a month or even more! Lash extensions are a priority to them, so it’s critical that as a lash technician you respect that and make your clients a priority. This means providing the best possible service and keeping your clients happy and comfortable. Comfort can be challenging, especially when you do volume lashes for three hours or more. Staying in one position for an extended amount of time is tricky to begin with, even more if you have to stay extra still for delicate work. Anything you can do to keep your clients more comfortable will be a worthy investment. You will retain happy clients, as well as attract clients who are looking for a more luxurious, comfortable experience with lash extensions.

Create a Welcoming Environment

How will new clients feel when they walk into your studio or salon? Try to look at it through fresh eyes. Tasteful, modern decorations show that you are artistic and conscious of style. Keep it simple, though. Too many decorations or interior design that is too new or too old can alienate some clients. Invest in good lighting and nice furniture, because these will be immediately noticed by your clientele. Clients want a clean, orderly feel to a studio or salon, so do whatever you can to make sure your environment is well cared-for and organized. Consider using a candle or aroma diffuser of some type to create an enticing smell. Finally, a good temperature can be easily overlooked, especially during times of extreme heat or cold. Ask your clients if they are comfortable with the temperature before you start a long extensions appointment.

Hospitality & Extras

A few simple extras can go a long way in making your clients feel comfortable in your lash studio. Offer a drink or a bowl of candy or mints while they wait. Provide a good mix of magazines or other reading material for waiting times or if she has a guest waiting for her. A cushy pillow and lush blanket at the eyelash station is a simple but nice touch to making your client feel at home during a long extensions appointment. Don’t forget to assess her comfort level throughout the appointment in case she needs to stretch, readjust, go to the bathroom or just walk around for a second. Even just the action of asking her will communicate that you care about her comfort, which will ensure long-term retention of clientele.

Eliminate Stress

Even long lash extension appointments can be serene if you take the necessary steps! If your clients are comfortable and calm, it can almost be a spa-like experience for them. First keep your space clean and minimal. Clutter makes people nervous and skeptical about your skill. Next, talk to them periodically throughout the appointment to let them know what you are doing. This really helps your client to feel comfortable under your hands and aware of any motions or tools you may be using. Using aromatherapy or calming white noise sounds can also contribute to creating a spa-like environment. Give your client the option of talking, listening to their own headphones, or even sleeping or resting quietly during the appointment at their leisure.

Following these simple steps will make your lash extension appointments something your clients look forward to, rather than anticipating with nervous discomfort. If your clients feel comfortable and serene you will retain and even gain clients better than you ever thought possible!

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