Three Reasons to Take Eyebrow Extensions Training


At this point it’s safe to say that eyelash extensions are everywhere. They have saturated the beauty industry. Where they were once found only on wedding days, performing artists and high-maintenance celebrities - now they are on housewives and college girls everywhere. Eyelash technicians are getting trained and opening up shops right and left - and business is booming! Getting your eyelash extensions training was a really good idea. But what’s next?

Eyebrow Extensions. There are a few major reasons to get your Eyebrow Extension Training done NOW:

Hot New Trend!

If you have even one foot in the beauty world you know that brows have become the next big thing. Between shaping, waxing, tinting and lining - brows are the new focus. Having thick, bold brows is “the look” and most women are coming around to this new trend. Eyebrow extensions are about to take off in this beauty industry, just as eyelash extensions have in recent years. The 2000s saw many women over-plucking eyebrows - an unfortunate habit which lead to these sparse, skinny brows today. Some women struggle with hair loss due to age, cancer, alopecia or other conditions - thankfully extensions can help them too. All types of women will soon be looking for a solution to make their brows darker, thicker and more dramatic. And if you’re trained you could find yourself happily busy with new clientele.

Similar Skill Set

If you are already a certified lash technician you have all of the major skills needed to be a successful eyebrow extension specialist. You have a careful, steady hand. You understand the basic principles behind adhesives and how to attach extensions to skin or hair. You have salon/client conversation skills and know how to make others feel confident and comfortable. You’re good with tweezers and other small tools used in facial beauty procedures. You are detail oriented and know how to work quickly without making mistakes. Eyebrow extensions will take a little getting used to, as they are different than lashes. But overall if you are a successful lash technician, especially if you are comfortable making extension fans or volume lashes, then you’ll be a master at eyebrow extensions!


Eyebrow extensions can be a huge income boost for you. If you already have a salon, booth, or other facility for doing your lash extensions then you can begin doing eyebrows almost immediately. You’ll need to get the extensions, glue and a few other specialty tools, but for the most part you’ll be ready to begin. You can offer the service to your existing clients because they will be the most likely to be interested. That alone can increase your revenue. Then you can begin advertising and offering eyebrow extensions as a service - long before most lash technicians and salons offer them - which will make your work very in demand!

Don’t be the last person to jump on the eyebrow extensions bandwagon! Get trained now before it picks up so you can be the first one in your area to offer this amazing and popular service. Your clients - and wallet - will thank you!

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