What to Look for in a Lash Studio


Lash extensions are becoming ever more popular - and for good reason! They’re an easy way to look and feel beautiful, without adding hours to your daily beauty routine. They mean less makeup, less maintenance and more fun! Whether you decide to try them for a special event or you’re ready to commit long term, you’re going to need to find a good lash technician or lash studio. Lashes can be pricey and finding a place you like is incredibly important.

All service/beauty industry relationships are a little different than other types of business. This gets personal. There’s an intimacy in these relationships that you just don’t find in other businesses, even within the service industry. In the beauty/care industry you are trusting someone with your SELF. Your insecurities, your most vulnerable parts… you’re usually there to try to cover up or improve them! It can be a little nerve-wracking to trust this with another person. You don’t want that person to feel like a stranger. You want to feel comfort, trust and even a little bit of love. Additionally, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time once or twice a month with this person, and even if they prefer headphones or silence - you’ll want to be comfortable in their hands. Finally, lashes can be expensive but worth it - as long as the work is of high quality. When you’re paying money for someone to be near your eyes with pokey lashes and sharp tweezers you definitely want someone who is a professional.

So how do you get started? It may be time-consuming and even awkward at times, but finding the right technician or salon is worth it.

Determine your needs - do you want regular lashes? How frequently can you get fills? Do you wear a lot of makeup or none at all? What is your budget for lash extensions? Do you want natural or dramatic lashes? You may need to do some internet research or ask around to get a feel of what your options may be.

Create a short list - Personal referrals are always the best way to find someone reputable. Ask your friends and family where they get lash extensions or if they know someone who is a certified lash technician. Make sure you check out their websites or Instagram pages if they have them, and don’t forget to look on Yelp or Google reviews.

Consultations - Most technicians will do a free, short consultation with you if you’re looking for a new studio or salon. Think of it as a risk-free first date! You can meet them and see if you like them, ask them questions about the pricing, policies and preferences. Don’t be afraid to come in with a list of questions and take notes. If it feels right - book! If not then you should keep looking. There are plenty of good lash technicians, so you can definitely find one who suits your needs.

Don’t choose a lash technician or salon simply based on their prices or their location - there’s so much more to it than that! Your lash extensions mean money, time and a relationship with your lash technician. It’s worth it to take the extra time and research to find someone with whom you can build trust, rapport and a great business relationship. And if you find yourself seeing a lash technician that doesn’t meet these guidelines you CAN find a new one. Don’t settle for less. Find a lash technician or salon that makes you feel beautiful, inside and out!

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