Product Spotlight: Gel Remover

Every single week we spotlight a product and offer a 20% off discount code!  This weeks product spotlight is our BL Gel Remover.  Our gel remover has a gentle, yet effective formula that instantly begins dissolving the adhesive, making your removal service very quick, which saves you money.
Another great feature about the BL Gel Remover is that it has a thick gel base that prevents product from running into your clients eyes. 
The last feature that I'm going to talk about is the fact that the BL gel remover has ingredients that nourish the natural lash, while it effectively breaks down the adhesive.  With our BL lash supplies, we always try to add extra features that improve the health of your clients lashes.  
Something unique about Blink Lash Store is that we offer a wide selection of removers.  In fact we have four different types; gel remover, gel remover plus, cream remover plus, and cream remover ++.   Each of these removers offers different qualities.  With our BL lash supplies we like to offer as many different options as we can.  That way our customers can select the products that work best for their clients.  
We hope this post was informative and helpful.  Make sure to use discount code GELREMOVER20 to get 20% off of our gel remover this week!  

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