Hottest Lash Trends for 2021

Let’s face it, 2020 was a long year and a difficult one for beauty professionals.  We are betting that 2021 will be a year that our clients will let loose a little bit.  According to professional makeup a lash artists, the expectation for lash trends in 2021 are bold, creative looks, especially with the eyes because we will likely be using masks for a while longer.  We expect to see more experimental lash looks with texture, curls, and embellishments. 

Trend #1:  The Wet Look According to Allure Magazine, social distancing and wearing masks has made women more open to light makeup looks and letting their natural beauty shine.  “We are going to see a departure from contouring and complexion products,” predicts makeup artist Vincent Oquendo.  As we focus more on natural beauty our lash clients will want their lash extensions to match their natural glass skin.  This works perfectly with the wet lash trend. 

 What is it? The wet look style resembles what volume lashes look like when they are wet before they have been dried and fluffed up, hence the name.   The overall effect is somewhat similar to classic lashes.  The biggest difference is that wet look lashes look thicker and more bold.  Another benefit is that because they are technically they are volume lashes the base can be wrapped around the natural lash which improves retention. 

 How is the wet look created?  This look is created used very narrow, almost closed volume fans.  It is great for creating texture and looks beautiful with more natural makeup looks.  

Technique:  Grab a bundle of fine lash extensions in thickness .05-.07mm.  Instead of using the volume technique to open the lashes, keep the fan closed.  Next dip the base in a low viscosity adhesive like our Strong Magic Glue and apply it to the natural lash.  You can alternate the number of lash extensions that you pick up to create more interest in the lash line. 

Products needed:
-foaming lash wash

-Strong Magic Glue
- Volume tweezer
-.05-.07 Volume Lashes
-Nano Mister

Photo Credit: Glitz Lash Studio

Lash Trend #2:  L Curl Lashes 

 What are they?  L curl lashes are a specialty curl meant to add extreme lift the the eyes.  This curl was once exclusively used for clients with hooded eyes but with recent trends have been used on all eye types because of their chic, lifting results.   

 When are they used?  As mentioned above, L curls  have often been used for clients with hooded eyes.  This unique curl is also perfect to use when creating an extreme cat eye style.  L curl helps to create an elongated eyeliner effect the makes the eyes appear wider. 

Photo Credit: ilashartist

Lash Trend #3:  Brown Lashes       
With the dewey natural skin look as well as a more natural look with eyebrows (brow lamination) being a really hot new trend, a more natural look the the lashes is also predicted to be a trend for 2021.  Our brown lashes have a very dark, rich brown color to them that adds just the right amount of drama to the eyes.  

We hope this post has inspired you to try out some new lash curls, techniques, colors or embellishments!  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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