Product Spotlight: B Bold Wide Fans

Welcome back to our weekly product spotlight!  Every Thursday we take an in depth look at one of our products PLUS we have a discount code so you can try it at a great price!  This week's product spotlight is our BBold Wide Fans.   We have has so many requests to get these in individual lengths and we are excited to announce that they are now available!  
If you have been looking for the perfect pre-made volume fans, look no further!  These B Bold Wide fans have a much shorter base than our traditional Pre-made Volume fans, which offers a much softer and fluffier look.  These wide Pre-made fans are perfect for any client who has sparse lashes because they cover so much surface area.  Try them out this week using code BOLD20.   Let's look at what our customers had to say!

"LOVE these B Bold Wide Lashes!!!  The Wide B Bold lashes are the best pre-made volume fans I’ve used to date!  I love how they are pointed at the bottom, easy to use and apply and the final look they create is exactly what I want!"

Brittney U

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