Lash Map Monday: Kitten Perfect Line

Welcome back to Lash Map Monday!  Today we are talking about the layered kitten lash map.  Have you ever done a cat eye lash map on your client and noticed that the outer corners are droopy?  This happens because the only natural eye shape that can handle a true cat eye is the upturned eye shape.  If you use your longest lash extension length on the outer corners it draws the eyes down, which will create balance with an upturned eye, but it will make any other eye shape appear droopy or downturned.  So what can you do for your clients who want a cat eye look but don't have upturned eyes?  The kitten shape is the perfect solution.  As you can see on this lash map, the outer corners are tapered.  The shorter lengths give supports to the longest lengths.  This map is awesome because you can give a beautiful cat eye look to anyone who wants it!   
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