Lash Tip Tuesday: Attaching Lash Extensions on Top, on the Side, or on the Bottom

One of the questions I get asked when I am training new students is if the lash extension needs to be attached to the top of the natural lash.  The answer is that the lash extension can be attached to the top, the side, or the bottom of the natural lash.  For me personally I often attach to the side unless I'm using Flat Lashes or Super Flat Lashes.  Those need to be attached to the top.  Outside of those specific types of lash extensions the extension can be placed however a lash artist prefers to place them.  I recommend trying the three different types of placements and seeing what works best for you as an individual.  

We hope this tip helps!  Let us know what you think in the comments and make sure to follow us on Instagram for more great tips!  

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