Face It Friday: Zendaya

Welcome back to Face It Friday!  Every Friday we analyze celebrity faces and try on various lash designs.  This Face it Friday is the beautiful Zendaya!  I decided to try on two different lash styles; rounded wispies, and doll style.   Before I post the designs, lets analyze Zendeya's eye shape and setting.
Eye Shape (Round or Almond):  Zendeya has a beautiful almond eye shape.  How do you tell?  The opening, frontal view of the eye looks similar to the shape of an almond.  This shape allows for so many different lashing options.
Size of the Eye (Small, Average or Large):  In our opinion, Zendaya has average sized eyes.
Setting of the Eyes (Close, Proportional or Wide Set):  I believe Zendaya has a proportional eye setting. How can one tell?  I look at the space between the clients eye, if you can fit the width of one of their eyes in that space it is proportional.  If you can't fit the width of one of the eyes in that space then it is a close setting.  If you can fit the width of more than one eye between them, you have wide set eyes.  
Position of the Eyes (Upturned, Even or Downturned):  I would say that she has an even position to her eyes.  How do you tell?  draw an imaginary line across the eyes, if the corner on each side of the eye is on an even plane, you have even eyes.  

If you haven't noticed, Zendaya has the ideal shape for almost every aspect of the eyes.  This gives us a lot of room to create.  I will be doing two more styles on her in the future as well!  

As you can see, on the left we did a rounded wispy look and on the right we did a simple doll style.  Which one do you like best?  Let  us know what you think in the comments and make sure to follow us on instagram!

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