Learn about our Loyalty Rewards Program!

Here at Blink Lash Store we LOVE our customers! To show our appreciation we have created the Loyalty Rewards Program, where lash artist can earn points toward FREE PRODUCTS just for shopping on our online store! 

Here's how it works:
Sign up by clicking the "Rewards Program" icon located at the bottom left of the page and fill in all of the required information.  You will receive 300 points, just for signing up!  After that you are ready to start collecting more points toward FREE PRODUCT!

How to earn points:

Sign up for Loyalty Rewards Program
Earn 300 points just for signing up!

Customers will receive 2 points for every one dollar spent at Blink Lash Store.

Refer fellow lash artists to earn points!  Not only will your friends receive 10% off of their first order, you will also get 500 points toward FREE PRODUCT! 
To refer a friend click on the "rewards program" tab at the bottom left of the page.  Then click the "referrals" tab located near the top right.  You will be given a referral link, which you can text to a friend, OR you can click on the facebook, twitter, or email icon to share!  
As soon as your friend makes their first purchase you will receive 500 points!

Product Reviews
Receive 50 points for each product review that you write!  Just email us at rewards@blinklashstore.com and let us know that you have written a review.  We will deposit 50 points to your account within 24 hours of receiving your email.

Social Media
Like our Blink Lash Store Facebook Page to earn 50 points!
Follow Blink Lash Store on Instagram to earn 50 points!

Redeem Points
Click on the "rewards" tab at the bottom left of the page.  As soon as you have saved up enough points, click on the $5 or $10 discount tab to redeem money toward free product!

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