How to Care for your Eyelash Extensions after Application


Eyelash extensions are actually very simple to care for - and taking good care of them means they will last even longer for you. You don’t need any extreme products or hours of routine each week to keep them fresh and taken care of. You have spent a lot of money on these beautiful lashes so of course you want to keep them fresh, clean and in perfect order.

First - Protect Brand New Lashes! Go in for your appointment with clean lashes and eyes to ensure that glue will adhere correctly. New lashes still dry and cure for up to 24 hours after application (shorter duration if a nano mister is used), so be very careful with them. Try your hardest not to touch or manipulate them.  Direct water can damage the fresh glue as well, so try to avoid the shower stream on your face as much as possible. Use a spoolie brush to keep lashes straight and don’t try to pull them out or tug them around if they appear crooked.

Second - Be Gentle! Pay closer attention to everything that touches your face and you’ll be surprised to see just how much damage your lashes take day in and day out. Avoid rubbing your eyes in moments of exhaustion or stress. Try your best to sleep on your back because rubbing your eyes back and forth on your pillow all night can pull and damage your lash extensions. Take particular care when cleaning your face that you don’t scrub your eyes to remove makeup, because you’ll remove lashes while you’re at it!

Third - Use the Right Products. Oil-based cleansers can break down the adhesives on your lash extensions. The adhesives are resilient and long lasting, but too much exposure to oil-based cleansers or certain types of makeup can weaken the strength of your lash adhesives. Waterproof mascaras usually contain oils to assist in their waterproofing qualities, but it also means breaking down lash glue. Water-based mascaras can be used to emphasize your lash extensions if you feel you need it. Just focus your mascara wand on mid-lash to tips - avoiding the roots where the lashes and glue can snag.

Finally - Regular Appointments! When lash extensions begin to get sparse many people do much more damage. The lashes can get a little wonky or look a little strange when you only have a few long lashes standing out. Many girls begin to pick at the remaining lashes or coat them in makeup. The problem is that you will lose your real lashes in the process! If you plan on keeping your extensions, make regular appointments to fill in the gaps. If your lashes were a one-time procedure then see your lash technician to have the lashes carefully removed without damaging your natural lashes.

Taking care of your lashes not only means that your lash extensions will last longer, but will also protect your natural lashes and make your lash extensions look healthier and more vibrant. Talk to your lash technician today about lengthening the life of your lash extensions!

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