BL L+ Lashes

L and L+ Curl Lashes (Mink and Laser)

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BL L and L+ curl lashes are the perfect choice to add lift to your clients eyes.  These lashes are made by made of high quality PBT fiber.   These come in regular synthetic mink and laser synthetic mink lashes.  To learn more about laser lash you can read our blog post.

  • L+ Curl adds dramatic lift that is perfect for client with thick and hooded eyelids
  • Works well with clients who have downward sloping eyelashes
  • Works well with elderly who have aging, droopy eyelids
  • Works well with clients with deep eyes
  • Improved retention because of the flat base
  • L+ Curl comes in lengths 8-13 
  • L Curl comes in lengths 8-15
  • Two thicknesses: .15 and .20
  • Mixed length lashes have 1 row 9mm, 3 rows 10mm, 3 rows 11mm, 3 rows 12mm, 2 rows 13mm