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L+ Curl Lashes

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L+ curl lashes are the perfect choice to add lift to your clients eyes.  This curl works really well with straight lashes, because it has a flat stem.  This makes the bonding process much easier and improves retention.

  • L+ Curl adds dramatic lift that is perfect for client with hooded eyelids
  • Improved retention because of the flat base
  • Comes in lengths 8-13
  • Two thicknesses: .15 and .20

Mink lashes by BL/Blink are made with PBT fiber which is lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.  These individual synthetic lashes are high gloss, curled, and tapered to perfection.  They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extensions. Blink creates the best lashes as they will never lose their curl over time and are consistent in length.

  • Made of high quality PBT fiber
  • Light weight for a more natural feel
  • Tapered for a more soft and natural look
  • Lashes are durable and hold curl over time
  • Each tray contains over 2000 individual lashes


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