Product Spotlight: Wonder Adhesive

This weeks product spotlight is our new wonder adhesive!  This glue was created specifically based on customer requests.  It has a medium to thin viscosity that is very easy to work with and it dries rapid fast!  With a .05 to 1 second dry time it is perfect for expert level lash artists.  The retention with this glue is amazing, lasting 4-5 weeks.  Check out what our customers have to say about  it!

"I love this new glue!  It dries extremely fast, so I only recommend it if you are speedy with application.  I also love using it to make pro-made fans  because it dries so fast!  Retention is good too!  "

Taylor H.

"Wow!  I have tried so many adhesives and I think I have finally found the perfect one.  This glue dries extremely fast and the retention is on point!  Definitely my new go to adhesive!  "

Jessica M.

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