Modern Boho Lash Studio E-Design

A Guide to Help You Design the Perfect Lash Salon


We love this artwork that adds a soft, bohemian feel to any lash studio.


This framed artwork is perfect for any lash artist trying to add some decor on a budget.


Dune Stripe in Black Designer Pillows 


The Jumper Pillow has a soft color with just the right amount of texture!  Your lash clients will love it!


We love this lamp for this space.  Of course, we recommend the glamcor or other studio lighting to use while doing lashes.


This Ottoman is the looks great at the foot of your lash bed and is the perfect spot for your clients to put their belongings while getting their lashes done.

Pouf Ottoman
Pouf Ottoman


These lash bed covers are inexpensive and such an easy way to create a more inviting space.


This storage furniture from Ikea is perfect for all of your lash supplies.


We love this chair for this space.  It is the perfect "waiting" chair for your lash clients.  


This White Bird of Paradise Plant can be found on Amazon.  Adding plants to your lash studio is an easy way to create a calm, soothing environment for your clients.


This rug is inexpensive and durable, according to reviews.  We love its soft, neutral tones.

We hope this guide was helpful for any lash artist looking for inspiration create a beautiful lash space.  Let us know in the comments what you think!

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