Lash Tip Tuesday: Distance From Skin

One of the most common mistakes I see when doing a corrective lash service is that the lashes are adhered either too close or too far from the skin. See that little puddle of adhesive at the base of this lash extension on the right? That is what happens when too much adhesive is used and the extension is placed too close to the skin. Puddling causes many problems including; clogged follicles, inflammation of the eyelid, extreme discomfort (resulting in picking and premature shedding), and an increased risk for an allergic reaction. Strive to place your lash extensions 1/2mm to 1mm away from the skin. Trust me, your retention will improve and your clients will have a much more comfortable experience!

 If puddling is something that you struggle with as a lash artist, here are a few tips:

 1. Use less adhesive. You only need a tiny bit of adhesive to get a good attachment and great retention. (Only dip the very bottom of the lash in adhesive). 

2. SLOW DOWN: If you are trying to improve your speed, don't sacrifice your quality in order to do so. Use quick movements when getting your extension, but slow down when you are making your attachment. Your speed will likely improve if you do this, because you won't have to spend time fixing any attachments. When in comes to placement, slow and steady wins the race;).

If adhering the lash extension too far from the skin is something you struggle with, slow down, steady your hand and try your best to get a closer attachment.  

We hope this tip helps!  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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