Lash Tip Tuesday: Directional Placement

Welcome back to Lash Tip Tuesday!  Today we are talking about 90 degree placement.  If you look at the top picture you can see that the lashes have been placed to lay where the natural lash is growing, rather than a 90 degree placement.  As you can see the bottom picture is SO MUCH CLEANER.  Why is 90 degree placement important?
-  When lashes are adhered in the correct direction, the final result will be much more clean and uniform.  
-retention will improve because your clients wont be tempted to pick at that "one lash" that isn't going the the right direction.
-Extensions look more natural.  While our natural lashes are't perfectly uniform, nothing cries "I have extensions" like a messy looking set of lashes
If this is something you struggle with, here are a few tips:
1.  Don't dip your extension too far into the adhesive (only 2-4mm).  As you an see in the picture, we are only adhering the base of the natural lash.  If there is too much adhesive the extension will immediately want to hug the NL all the way to the top.  
2.  Hold your extension on the NL 1-2 seconds longer than you usually would.  This allows the adhesive to set and your lash to have perfect placement.  
3.  Experiment with were you are making attachments (on top, the the side, on the bottom).  

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