*New* Wonder Glue

*New* Wonder Glue

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Blink Lash Store's Wonder Glue is our newest and quickest glue to date!  It is the newest edition to our Deluxe Adhesion Series! This a true .5-1 second glue and can be used in both humid and dry environments.  The design of the adhesive bottle and nozzle feature a double locking system which prevents the adhesive from being exposed to the moisture in the air.  This feature helps to prolong the life of the adhesive and helps to maintain the ideal viscosity as well.  This has already been extremely popular among those that have tested in early release.

  • Experience Level:  Expert. This is a really, fast drying adhesive, so it is important that the lashes are applied very quickly. 
  • Dry Time:  .5-1 seconds (depending on the humidity level)
  • Viscosity:  thin to medium
  • Retention: Up to 6 weeks (retention varies based on application techniques,
    environment, and client aftercare).
  • Shelf Life (Opened): 6-8 weeks recommended
  • Shelf Life (Unopened): 3-4 months recommended
  • Size: 5ml/g


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