Individual Volume Lashes

Individual Volume Lashes (Mink)

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*These are not pre-fanned volume lashes and need to be fanned before application*

*If you are looking for the pre-made volume fans, then please look at our 5D, W-Lash (3D), and Y-Lash (2D)*

Mink volume lashes by Blink are made with PBT fiber which is lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.  These individual synthetic lashes are high gloss, curled, and tapered to perfection.  Blink volume lashes come in thicknesses .06, .07, and .10.  These thicknesses are extremely light weight, allowing professionals to apply multiple extensions to an individual eyelash.  We offer mixed lash trays of volume lashes and can be found under the mixed trays product section.

  • Made of high quality PBT fiber
  • Light weight for a more natural feel
  • Tapered for a more soft and natural look
  • Lashes are durable and hold curl over time
  • Each tray contains over 2000 lashes
  • THREE .07 lashes weigh approximately as much as ONE .15 lash