BL Super Flat Lashes
BL Super Flat Lashes

Super Flat Lashes

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BL Super Flat Lashes are Blink's newest and most innovative product.  These lashes have been pressed to an extremely fine ellipse shape that has allowed them to appear as bold and dramatic as .20 or .15 classic eyelash extensions, while reducing the weight by 75%.  This new shape allows the adhesive to coat a larger surface area, which significantly improves retention.  Made with Korean PBT fiber.


Point 1:  Featherlight Weight

  • Super Flat lashes are 75% lighter than conventional eyelash extensions.  
  • Extremely light weight makes them feel as soft and comfortable as a single volume lash.

Point 2:  Improved Retention

  • Because of the Super Flat Lash's extremely thin shape, the adhesive is able to coat a much larger surface area, which greatly improves retention.
  • Super flat lashes feel as soft and comfortable as a single volume lash.  This added comfort prevents clients from picking/pulling at their lashes, which helps them last longer.
  • The featherlight weight of the lashes helps them hold to the natural lashes 
  • All of the Super Flat Lashes features improve retention by 35%


Point 3:  Double Volume Effect

  • Double volume effect;  there is a deep split in each of these lashes, which creates a soft voluminous look.
  • Beautiful matte black finish