BL Peony Volume Tweezer

Peony Luxury Volume Tweezer

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BL Peony Luxury Volume Tweezer has already gained worldwide attention on being the finest handmade tweezer on the market.  This will be the last volume tweezer you will ever need to buy.  This tweezer has been patented and only available through Blink/BL distribution.  The perfectly angled foot of the tweezer closes tightly and precisely allowing to pick up to 20 lashes at a time without fail.

  • BL Peony Luxury Volume Tweezer is innovative and the first of its kind.  Each Tweezer has been handcrafted to perfection by Japanese master craftsman
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue and increase grip precision
  • Patented technology exclusive to BL/Blink
  • Makes wide and narrow fans with ease improving speed
  • Made in Japan with stainless steel
  • Size 100mm