Laser Mink Lashes
Laser Lashes

Laser Mink Lashes

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Laser Lashes are the most new and innovative lash extension product on the market.  Using advanced technology  these laser processed lashes will increase retention  by 1.5x.  

Laser Lashes will hold their retention on average, 1.5 times longer than conventional eyelash extensions.
With Laser Lash eyelash extensions the glue is applied in the tiny indentions or furrows made using laser technology.  These furrows are able to hold more glue and increase the surface area of the lash resulting in better retention.  

Textured surface of the eyelash extension forms a stronger bond the the natural lash.  In addition, these furrows also help to evenly distribute the adhesive on the eyelash extension, preventing a drop from being formed.  This results in a stronger bond and prevention of "stickies" due to excess adhesive.

Laser Lashes feel more soft and natural than conventional lash extensions.  The reason for this is because with laser lash extensions, the adhesive is evenly distributed.  This prevents excess glue from coating the natural lash and hardening.  

Improved labeling for eyelash extension strips and trays.
No more confusion!   We have improved the labels on the lash strips to see the length, curl, and thickness at a glance, resulting in improved speed.  We have also added these variants to the labels on the lash tray to help with organization.