BL Fina Butyl Glue

Fina Butyl

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BL Fina Butyl is the latest and most advanced semi-sensitive adhesive from Blink.  It has a thin consistency that creates a clean seamless attachment, while maintaining a strong bond.  Fina Butyl glue doesn't have as strong of fumes as other adhesives on the market, because it contains "butyl" which is an advanced low fume bonding agent used more in medical safety adhesives.  With its low fume level, yet strong durability, Fina Butyl adhesive is a perfect choice for lash artist of all types, beginner or advanced.   It is great addition to all of your lash supplies and adhesives.  Fina Butyl is an adhesive to try for those clients who are sensitive to fumes, with the perfect balance of strong bonding time and gentleness.  

  • Semi-Sensitive Adhesive
  • Quick Setting Tech Level: Beginner through Advanced
  • Color: Black
  • Setting Time: 1.5+ Second
  • Estimated Durability:  4-5 Weeks
  • Fumes/Irritabilities:  Low
  • Consistency: Liquid/Watery/Thin
  • Shelf Life (Opened): 2-4 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 
  • Shelf Life (Unopened): 4 Months (Store In Cool/Dry Area) 
  • Formaldehyde Free