Under Lashes (Bottom Lashes)

Under Lashes (Bottom Lashes)

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Blink Under Lashes are extra short, which is perfect for applications on the lower eyelashes.  BL Under Lashes are made with the same PBT fiber as our most popular Signature Mink Lashes.  This fiber is lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes, creating soft and beautiful applications.  Each mixed length tray comes with 4 rows of each lower length (5mm, 6mm, and 7mm).  Applying lower lash opens the eyes, creating a bold beautiful look.  Under lashes are the perfect addition to your lash extension products and supplies.  

  • Premium Synthetic Mink
  • Light weight for a more natural feel
  • Tapered for a more soft and natural look
  • Lashes are durable and hold curl over time
  • Mixed Tray: Lengths 5mm-7mm (4 rows of each length)
  • Each tray contains over 2000 individual lashes

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