Optimus Glue

Optimus Glue

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Blink Lash Store's Optimus Glue is a part of our Deluxe Adhesive Series for volume and classic lash application.  This is turned out to be our most popular adhesive at the moment due to diversitility.  The design of the adhesive bottle and nozzle feature a double locking system which prevents the adhesive from being exposed to the moisture in the air.  This feature helps to prolong the life of the adhesive and helps to maintain the ideal viscosity as well.

  • Experience Level:  Beginner to Advanced
  • Cure Time:  2-3 seconds (depending on the humidity level)
  • Viscosity:  Medium
  • Recommended Techniques: Classic and Volume
  • Retention: Up to 6 weeks (retention varies based on application techniques,
    environment, and client aftercare).
  • Shelf Life (Opened): 6-8 weeks recommended
  • Shelf Life (Unopened): 3 Months
  • Temperature and Humidity Conditions
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free Products

Maintenance and Storage

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Ingredients and MSDS:

      Optimus Glue - MSDS

    Each of our glues has unique qualities.  Professionals find their favorite based on personal preference.  We have done our best to have extremely competitive pricing with our adhesives, giving our customers the chance to try each glue, without a huge financial investment.  If an adhesive isn't to your preference, try another, until you find the perfect glue for you!  These adhesives are very high quality, we can guarantee that you will find one you love!

    **DISCLAIMER:  These glues are intended for PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.