Gel Remover +

Gel Remover +

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Blink/BL Gel Remover + has a NEW fast acting, water soluble formulation for easy rinsing: This is a MUST for every lash professional!  Gel remover plus can be applied directly the adhesive bond.  It acts faster than conventional gel removers, and is easier to wash off after the removal process is complete.  It creates a much more comfortable and pleasant experience for your client.  The gel remover plus has a thicker consistency, compared to water based removers, which helps it to stay in place, and prevents it from running into your clients eyes.  Trust us, this product will become a staple for your lash product inventory!  This is double the size of our standard gel remover.

  • 30ml Size (large bottle)
  • Has smaller particle size than cream removers so is able to penetrate more quickly and easily
  • Acetone Free
  • FDA Ingredients Approved
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free
*This product is NOT for self application. It is only to be used by a trained and licensed professional only*

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