Dark Brown Sculpting Powder

$ 35.99 $ 56.99


The dark brown sculpting powder is a rich color of deep brown, meant for a medium to dark level hair color.  This is a beautiful color that can be mixed in various shades using the mixing chart guidelines.  

  • Micro-powder is an extremely fine and soft texture.
  • Available in six different shades; black, charcoal, dark brown, medium brown, light brown and blonde.
  • This product is used in combination with the clear sculpting gel, black sculpting gel, and brow base to create a mixture used to sculpt semipermanent eyebrows.  
  • The color of the sculpting powder determines the color of the eyebrow.  

The semipermanent eyebrows kit is the perfect addition to an eyebrow extensions kit, because it improves retention significantly.  


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