Clean Slate Brow Cleanser and Primer

$ 22.99 $ 34.99

Clean Slate is a brow cleanser that preps the skin for the semi-permanent eyebrows.

  • Removes all microorganisms, loose skin cells, contaminated oils, and loose hair
  • Only a very small amount of this product is needed, so we recommend using it  in conjunction with the microbrush.  

* Note:  Apply this product with and against the directional hair growth.  It is important to cleanse both sides of the brow as well as the skin.  After using the cleanser, be sure to remove any excess moisture from the skin, otherwise the sculpting products will  polymerize too quickly, leaving a white film on the eyebrow.

We recommend adding the semi-permanent eyebrows products to your eyebrow extensions kit.  3d eyebrow sculpture improves eyebrow extension retention.


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