Black Sculpting Gel

$ 35.99 $ 56.99

Our black sculpting gel also known as black liquid gel is one of the products used to create 3d eyebrows.  

  • This product is used in combination with the clear sculpting gel, brow base, and sculpting powder to create a medium that is used to sculpt semipermanent eyebrows.  
  • It is used in very small amounts for the eyebrows that are lighter in color and larger amounts for the darker eyebrows.  
  • Main purpose is to remove shine from the brow's surface.
  • Shelf Life: Unopened- 9 months
    Shelf Life: Opened- 3-4 months

The semipermanent eyebrow products are a must have when building your eyebrow extensions kit.  These products improve the retention of the eyebrow extensions significantly, but can also be used alone.

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