Cleansing Water

$ 19.99

BL/Blink Cleansing Water is one of our newest and most innovative products used for cleaning eyelash extensions.  This Cleansing Water is PH balanced to be similar to that of natural tears for a gentle experience.  Blink Cleansing Water can be used on a daily basis to wipe away makeup residue, sebum, and dead skin.  Cleaning the lashes regularly promotes healthy lashes and lengthens the bond of the adhesive, improving retention.  BL Cleansing Water contains herbal extracts that leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.  

  • PH balanced to be similar to natural tears
  • Gentle formula cleanses makeup residue, sebum, and dead skin
  • Improves retention through lengthening the bond of adhesive
  • Contains soothing herbal extracts that moisturize the skin
  • 115ml bottle

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